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GeneralStupidolofk: yes, i know that generic thing.14:09
GeneralStupidolofk: my problem is i need to change the parameters 'live' i think about something like a Loopuptable which will be genererated in presynthesis14:10
stekernGeneralStupid: yes, that's probably what you want14:52
stekernI've implemented a biquad iir filter like that14:53
stekernwhere I used a look-up-table like this:;a=blob;f=vhdl/lp12rom.vhdl;h=9d1fd04a6925fdb7152eebba9024c8c4f7fcaad3;hb=HEAD14:54
stekernand the script that generated that ROM:;a=blob;f=scripts/;h=07ba01f645a608acb7ebb448f40b026cca649c8e;hb=HEAD14:55
GeneralStupidstekern: thanks :) Is it possible to generate it in vhdl?15:15
stekernwhat do you mean?15:59
GeneralStupidstekern: for example... if you use a function in vhdl it will not be synthesized... I want this table created with functions :)17:36
stekernwell, you of course have to describe something that maps into hardware...17:54
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