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olofkGeneralStupid: There's nothing that says that functions can't be synthezised05:46
olofkas stekern said, as long as they can map to hardware you're ok05:47
olofkI'm often using functions to precalculate generics05:47
GeneralStupidolofk: yes, i use them for precalculations too. and i wanted these Lookuptable to precalculated...05:56
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olofkI think I used all the mad python tricks I could think of for this one
stekernI pee exact07:42
olofkDamn. I just missed a great naming opportunity :(07:44
GeneralStupidis it a bad idea to generate that package in vhdl? i think that a script like stekern did, is the better way...12:50
GeneralStupidbut then everything i hacked this week was useless :'(12:51
stekernGeneralStupid: hard to say without mor information on what you are doing and what you have done so far14:10
GeneralStupidi tried a bit more. And i think its ok now.14:10
GeneralStupidI just want to try out parameters and compare them with matlab... so i need my filters dynamically...14:11
GeneralStupidis dynamical the right word for that?14:11
stekernbut if you compare with the filter I showed yesterday, what are the parameters? the way my filter worked was that you fed it 7-bits values representing the cut-off freq and resonance. and then all that lut did was to transform those parameters into more sensible parameters for the filter14:16
GeneralStupidi need 5 parameters for each filter: 4 fixed point values for the calculation (depending on the center frequency of that filter) and the delay size.14:20
GeneralStupidits worse to provide them in the portmap :)14:21
blueCmdanyone heading for CCC this summer?22:20
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