IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2015-05-19

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olofkblueCmd: Any news regarding the last contributor?05:53
blueCmdolofk: he's going to call me at some mystery time this week he promised, fingers crossed10:18
olofkI love calls at mystery times.10:23
GeneralStupidhi, i need some of your experience plz :)12:15
GeneralStupidiam implementing a system where the number of filters and filterkernels (in fpga) could be different.12:16
GeneralStupidFor example, calculating 8 filters on 4 hardware filters.12:16
GeneralStupidWhats the best way to put parameters into these filters?12:17
GeneralStupidVHDL :)12:17
olofkGeneralStupid: What do you mean?12:33
olofkThe only mechanism I know of for doing that in VHDL are generics12:35
blueCmdolofk: the only generic way is with generics14:01
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