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kannan_I'm having an issue with or1200 simulation10:54
kannan_or1200_monitor: testcase error10:54
kannan_please help..10:55
kannan_ OR1200 crash detected (suspected CPU PC corruption)10:56
juliusbcare to give us more information?11:01
juliusbperhaps a log of what the CPU did, or what the simulation printed out (pastebin it)11:02
kannan_do you want icarus simulation log?11:04
juliusbwhy not11:05
kannan_just a moment..11:05
sb0any specific problems with passing a va_list from one or1k CPU to another? it should be a pointer to the stack frame at all times, so it should reasonably work, right?11:10
sb0(with shared memory of course)11:11
kannan_there is a file named unnamed-exicuted.log11:20
kannan_hello juliusb11:21
kannan_are you there?11:21
stekernsb0: can't see why that wouldn't work?11:22
sb0doing complicated things like that in C usually doesn't work ;)11:23
sb0at least not simply11:24
kannan_i'm just doing a c programe simulation11:24
kannan_code contains only one printf statement11:24
kannan_but it results "OR1200 crash detected (suspected CPU PC corruption)"11:24
kannan_please refer this post on,OpenRISC,0,563711:26
stekernkannan_: our discussion was not related to yours11:28
kannan_can you help for this problem..11:29
kannan_i' really stuck..11:29
kannan_i'm really stuck..11:29
stekernkannan_: is there a pressing reason to use or1200 instead of mor1kx, I'm not terribly motivated to sort out or1200 problems anymore. But if you have some compelling reason, I can take a look.11:29
kannan_or suggest me any other webchat to get adivice.11:30
kannan_it's just a simple simple simulation run ,but i can't go forward11:31
stekernyes, but does it work if you use: fusesoc sim mor1kx-generic --elf-load hello.elf11:32
kannan_i didn't tried yet11:32
kannan_is there any hardware dependencies?11:33
stekernwhat do you mean "hardware dependencies"?11:34
kannan_actually it's loading about 3.8lakhs words for that simple code..11:34
stekernbut I'll guess the answer is 'no', the only major difference between mor1kx-generic and or1200-generic is that it uses mor1kx instead of or120011:34
kannan_sorry , i mean size of elf file is dependent???11:35
kannan_how much mor1kx is good than or1200?11:36
kannan_in which aspect??11:36
stekernin most aspects, but perhaps more importantly for you, it's more actively supported (i.e. you've got a better chance getting help)11:39
stekernkannan_: either way, trying to run your .elf with mor1kx will give some valuable info. does it work with that?11:42
kannan_let me try..11:43
kannan_i will check it with mor1kx, after that  i will get you..11:44
bandvigstekern: As FPU was merged into master branch I would propose to clean up all commits related to ‘withfpu’ branch. What do you think about that?12:01
stekernbandvig: hmmm, what commits are related to withfpu branch?12:02
bandvig(1) The commit I use to create pull request (not exactly the commit is branch named ‘withfpu’).12:08
bandvig(2) The chain of commits I pushed while FPU was under development (now they should looks like unnamed branch).12:09
bandvigI think they should be displayed with a command of git (I’m not familiar with git commads. I just see them in Atlasian’s SourceTree.12:13
stekernbandvig: but those are only in your local tree?12:43
bandvigHmm, as far as I understand they should be in github’s repository. For (1):
stekernyeah, fair enough, that's of course there. we can delete that if you like12:49
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