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olofkStupid screen. Why does it have to steal C-a. That's one of my most used keybindings06:44
stekernolofk: switch to tmux07:35
LoneTechit's also configurable08:19
olofkYeah. I could use the Home key for screen. Never use that for anything important10:48
olofkpoke53281: I never got any further with busybox. Can't find the patches mentioned in
olofkAt least not the ones starting with busybox-1.23.019:56
olofkahh.. they are in
olofkhmm.. but what are those patches for anyway? Are they just critical fixes found after a release?20:00
olofkThere also aren't any fixes for 1.23.2, which is the version I'm trying to build20:00
stekernolofk: I can give you the quick and dirty way to fix it...20:08
olofkstekern: Sounds better than the slow and dirty way20:13
stekernok... let's do it ;)20:14
stekernstep 1) look at my busybox what patches I might have applied20:14
olofkWhere do I find it?20:15
stekernit's here locally. I'll do that step for ya20:16
stekernthat seems to be the only patch that I have20:16
olofkThat one look relevant. I'll try that20:16
stekernthe second step involves editing the installed kernel headers20:17
stekern*I think* you can get away without doing that if you use the "cleaned kernel headers for musl", but I never tried that20:18
olofkInstalled kernel headers?20:19
olofkIn /usr/include ?20:19
olofk(on gentoo at least)20:19
stekernthe ones that musl-cross installs20:20
olofkAre that the ones in the musl target dir, or the ones that musl-cross downloads to a temp dir?20:21
olofkPerhaps those are the same files20:22
stekernunder /opt/cross/or1k-linux-musl or wherever you put them20:23
stekerniirc, these are the changes that are needed:
stekernthese won't probably hurt neither:
stekernbtw, I'm looking into getting minimig running on some board here20:26
stekernI found this:
stekernbut I'd like to make it fusesoc driven20:27
olofkCool. I had forgot about minimig20:27
stekernit's one of those things that have been forever on my todo list20:27
olofkI have a few of those as well :)20:28
stekernoh, I just realize he's using or1200 on that de1 port20:32
stekernthe original minimig used a pic for some control stuff, which was later swapped for an arm chip or something like that20:33
stekernstep 1, throw out or1200, in with mor1kx ;)20:34
olofkhaha. I like step one so far :)20:42
stekernalso, use a recent or1k-elf- toolchain instead of a dead old or32-elf- one20:43
stekernthis turned alot more openrisc related than I had anticipated ;)20:43
olofkRealized I'm a bit too tired for busybox right now. I'll try to help Nate and Critter instead tonight20:47
stekernI've spent enough on games this month...20:51
stekernboth time and money20:51
stekernplayed the two last blackwell games20:51
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