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SockbrDoes someone is working with de1 recently ?15:06
_franck_Sockbr: I did (recently means some month ago)16:11
Sockbr_franck_: have you managed to upload and run some code using the or1k-elf with the newlib ?16:26
_franck_afaik the board port runs perfectly16:27
_franck_and  yes I did run some baremetal programs (just a led blink)16:28
Sockbrfor me the port seems to run perfectly (the led blink asm loads fine) but I not yet able to load a baremetal program using the newlib.16:32
Sockbrmay I ask you for an exemple binary ?16:34
Sockbri was wondering if my toolchain is working properly16:40
_franck_I'm sorry I don't have anything ready16:51
Sockbrno problem, I'm compiling the toolchain again, let's see if it solve the issue16:53
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