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stekernolofk: that are the errors I mentioned here:
olofkThanks poke53281 and stekern06:43
olofkSo is the solution to apply the patches from sabotage-linux then?06:43
olofkwooah.. there's twenty busybox patches there06:45
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poke53281olofk: Right, you need atleast some of the patches.15:00
olofkpoke53281: Any particular patches you know I should apply?16:40
maxpalnwhoop - first tentative steps towards a working implementation on our eval board... with my vast well of experience I should have this running in a few months :-)17:16
maxpalnor (very optimisically) tomorrow!17:16
stekernmaxpaln: cool!18:09
olofkHey, I'm famous now :)
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