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GeneralStupidcan anyone help me with some vhdl related problem?10:53
GeneralStupidIam a bit helpless with that. I try to use the fixed point package but modelsim did not know to_sfixed10:54
olofkI tried building busybox from source. Not going well so far20:11
olofkTried make CROSS_COMPILE=or1k-linux-musl-20:11
olofkBut it errors out complaining on a redefinition of 'struct ethhdr'20:12
olofkdalias: Any clues? I can see that ethhdr is declared in both ethtool.h and if_ether.h which is what busybox seems to complain about20:16
olofkmusl 1.1.620:16
poke53281olofk: There are several patches for busybox20:27
poke53281here are the patches:
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