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stekernolofk: it doesn't, presumable because unzipping takes a lot of time06:51
stekernolofk: building busybox isn't hard though, but I don't think we have instructions anywhere else06:52
stekernit's a bit of a hassle to build together with musl though, since busybox uses the kernel headers in a broken way (IIRC)06:53
olofkI'll probably use newlib. Is that less problematic?09:37
olofkstekern: Regarding gzip. I noticed the problem since the kernel panics on boot. How can I compress my initramfs in another way?09:38
olofkJust a standard make defconfig && make gives me an unbootable kernel09:38
olofkmmap is awesome! I'm never going to use a device driver again. Just mmap the whole address space and kick some registers10:07
stekernunbootable where?11:23
olofkstekern: unbootable because it can't unpack the initramfs11:48
stekernbut why is it packed?12:37
olofkstekern: How the fuck should I know? I just did make defconfig and make with the latest head from openrisc/linux16:25
olofkI took a quick look also, and couldn't find any obvious place to control how initramfs is compressed. It seems a bit braindead to be able to compress it with an algorithm that it cannot unpack again16:27
stekernhmm... lemme check...18:02
stekernolofk: you were right btw, book of unwritten tales was a great game, even though you could die at one point18:03
stekernolofk: yeah, I see the same thing... must have came with the 3.19 merge18:27
stekernok, I found the source of the problem.18:35
stekernchanges the default to 'y' on all compression methods18:37
stekernand we were only 'n'ing on gzip, so all others become selected18:37
stekernand then there's obviously this problem in play too:
stekernolofk: I changed the or1ksim_defconfig to not include any compression now20:49
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