IRC logs for #openrisc Saturday, 2015-03-21

--- Log opened Sat Mar 21 00:00:31 2015
olofkCloning all the OpenRISC git repos takes about as much time as it did install my whole gentoo system :)10:12
olofkAnyone tested musl 1.1.7 on OpenRISC?19:31
olofkAll right. Build instructions on OpenCores updated once again20:09
olofkAnyone against dropping the or32 version of or1ksim on github?20:13
olofkDo we have any instructions on how to recreate busybox or was that lost with
olofkCloning kernels from git is not fun. I should start using upstream tar balls soon20:43
olofkLooks like the or1ksim_defconfig doesn't turn on support for GZIP-compressed initramfs22:27
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