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olofkstekern: Great detective work there. Can't access lkml right now to read the second link though07:50
olofkAnd good to hear you liked Book of unwritten tales. But where could you die? I never noticed that?07:50
olofkActually, being able to die in a few places is the most annoying things in adventure games because you think you are safe for a long time. I'm looking at you Fate of Atlantis and Beneath a steel sky07:51
olofkThe uncompressed initramfs is quite a bit larger. (11M vs 6.2M in my case) Could that be a problem?07:59
olofkOh well. People can always turn on gzip if they want to store the kernel in a 8MB Flash08:01
olofkAt least it looks like it boots a lot faster uncompressed08:02
stekernolofk: I died when before I went through the ghost mirror08:40
stekernI died in bass the first thing I did when I played that for the first time, so I never felt safe in that. Can't remember dying in fate of atlantis though08:45
olofkstekern: Ahh :)08:49
stekernthat's one of the best gags in the game imo btw, when you ask death to kill you to become a ghost and he responds "Sorry, can't do that. You can't die in this adventure game"08:52
olofkI absolutely loved that objects that you don't need to care about stop being clickable08:53
stekernolofk: yeah, me too. and that they followed the golden rules laid out here:
olofkstekern: haha "Most are solved by chance or repetitive sessions of typing "light candle with match", "light paper with match", "light rug with match", until something happens.  This is not tough game play, this is masturbation"10:06
LoneTechif he regards that as masturbation, he's doing it wrong.10:09
stekernheh, either that or he's just kinky10:13
olofkWas whoever wrote this really upset about something? "return !!!(REG8((SPI_BASE_ADR[core]+SIMPLESPI_SPSR))&SIMPLESPI_SPSR_RFEMPTY);"?13:16
stekerneither that or he's heard about 'three star programmers' and applied it to exclamation marks13:22
amsi know a five star programmer ..13:26
ams  void ****locps;/* four, count them, four stars */13:28
* stekern bows13:28
amsnow consider code for that .. :/13:28
stekernI think I... pass ;)13:28
ams(that is the true reason the hurd failed btw ... that single line)13:30
juliusbolofk: it's possible that line of code was mine?16:27
juliusbIt's from some old ORPSoC "driver" code?16:28
juliusbI apologise :-/ I guess there was a lot to be upset about back then...16:30
olofkjuliusb: I suspected an svn blame would show that you were the culprit :)16:46
olofkAnd yes, it is the simple_spi driver from ORPSoCv216:47
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olofkHow on earth are the FIFOs implemented in simple_spi?20:20
stekernis there something strange with them?20:30
stekernapart from that there doesn't seem to be any use for the (unused) wp_p2 signal20:32
olofkI think I got it now. It's a ring buffer rather than a FIFO, so if I just read continiously, I will get FIFO empty every fourth read21:41
olofkHmm... do I always need to do a read after each write to clear out the read FIFO?21:46
stekernisn't a ring buffer just a way to implement a FIFO?21:53
olofkohh.. you got a point :)21:53
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