IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2015-03-19

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wallentonewlib build seems to fail due to a missing uint64_t type. Is this an or1k compiler issue or a problem with newlib?13:04
olofkwallento: Did you check the mailing list. I vagule remember seeing some problems with missing types the last few days13:33
wallentoah, will do that13:41
olofkok, so who will add unum support to openrisc? :)16:52
olofkI had no idea that the floating point format was ~100 years btw17:03
stekernok, google just pointed me to some insurance company17:04
rschmidlinhey, I know it has been ages. But I actually tried blocking burst accesses to ram_wb_b3.v by grounding its cti bte input. The exceptions on cache enable continue though. I'm wondering if I still should look for some Wishbone signal missbehavior.19:11
stekernrschmidlin: I would try getting onchip logs from where the exception occurs20:12
rschmidlinstekern, ok, I will take a look at it next.20:58
rschmidlinthanks for the feedback20:59
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