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stekernmodelsim gurus, how do I import a VCD created by modelsim?08:32
stekernif I do "import EVCD", first it complains about "VCD timescale is smaller than the simulator time resolution, aborting EVCD import"08:33
stekernif I manually change the $timescale in the VCD from '1ps' to '1ns', then it complains about some $scope syntax08:34
stekern"Expecting $module and got begin"08:35
stekern...yeah you put the begin there, modelsim, deal with it...08:35
olofkstekern: Ahh... I remember that as well. Never got it to work09:12
olofkI think it's actually broken09:12
olofkTired of doing this stupid bootloader. I though writing asm was supposed to be fun19:14
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