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olofkTired of the 32 (30?) IRQ lines to OpenRISC. Can we throw them out? One IRQ should be enough13:54
juliusbolofk: (embARC) yeah, I agree, that thing ain't gonna do muc IoT for you, but it'll do a hell of a lot of embedded softcore microprocessor development for that price :)13:58
juliusbolofk: it ultimately is one IRQ as far as the pipeline knows, but at some point you need a banking mechanism to turn many into one13:59
olofkjuliusb: I was thinking about an external Interrupt controller14:01
olofkHaven't thought much of the implications. Backwards compatibility would break of course, and we would need some extra jumps I guess to find the cause of the interrupt14:02
olofkBut we should also be able to avoid putting crap at 0x200, 0x300,0x400...14:03
olofkAnd we already use stekern's fancy IRQ controller for multicore anyway14:03
olofkBonus points if we can assign an SPR or something to set the interrupt vector from software. Then we can put it wherever we want14:04
stekernolofk: where does the 32 hurt?14:06
stekernyou can omit 31 of them in hardware if you have an external interrupt controller14:06
olofkstekern: Right now they hurt because my fancy IP-Xact tool has some problems with assigning between vectors and wires :)14:09
olofkBut I guess the main reason would be to free up the space between 0x200 and 0x2000 (or wherever the standard vectors are)14:10
stekernwhat does that have to do with it?14:13
stekernthere's only one interrupt exception for all interrupts14:13
olofkah yes14:27
olofkThe other are for exceptions14:27
olofkok. Never mind then :)14:28
bandvigto all: my another proposal for arch. spec. 1.2
juliusbI think for interrupts there should be a programmable address, exceptions another programmable address with a register containing the exception reason, and for reset, a synthesis-time parameter15:46
juliusbthat 0x100, 0x200 etc. thing is bad15:46
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olofkWhat would be the easiest way to transfer files to an OpenRISC system with ethernet running Linux?19:46
olofkIs there a telnet equivalent to scp?19:46
olofkJesus. That was quick :)19:46
daliasor netcat. or an httpd + wget19:46
daliasi don't find tftp very easy19:47
stekernnot quick enough, it was an answer to your first question, not the second19:47
daliasseriously tho just use ssh/scp19:48
daliasdropbear is tiny19:49
stekernor just normal ftp19:49
olofkI thought of dropbear, but I remember it as quite slow19:51
stekernthat's included in the "prebuilt" initramfs iirc19:51
olofkdropbear or ftp?19:53
olofkYeah, there's ftpget and ftput in usr/bin19:55
stekernolofk: I just bought 'the book of unwritten tales'19:57
stekerndownloading it now19:58
olofkstekern: Cool!19:58
olofkGreat game. Took me 20 hours to play through.19:59
stekernI replayed maniac mansion for the first time in ~25 years the other day too20:02
olofkI never really played maniac mansion much20:09
olofkJust some through DOTT and a little on NES20:10
stekernme neither, but it was more fun than I remembered it20:11
olofkWhich version did you play?20:14
stekernDOS V220:14
olofkSome VGA remake?20:15
stekernno, it's the original "enhanced version" with slightly prettier EGA20:17
olofkYeah. Slightly prettier20:21
olofkpoke53281: I've tried to run lynx from After I have added the required libs (zlib, ncurses, openssl...) it first complains on "/tmp/: No such directory", and when I run it again it says "Terminal initialisation failed - unknown terminal type?". Any ideas?20:31
stekernI think it wants TERM=linux20:37
olofkBus error :(20:38
olofkIs that a wishbone bus error?20:39
olofkLike an unaligned access20:39
stekernbus error is bus error, unaligned error is another thing20:41
stekernapart from that, yes20:42
olofkSo what could trigger a bus error in or1ksim?20:44
daliasSIGBUS is usually caused either by misaligned loads/stores or by access to a memory-mapped region with no backing (like past the end of a file)20:45
olofkAnother question. Is there some userspace utility to directly communicate with simple_spi, or is the SPI core only used by other (higher-level) drivers?20:50
stekernnow fix the sound in my unwritten tales..21:45
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