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stekernolofk: no, I don't think that's possible03:57
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olofkstekern: I somewhat suspect that too06:34
stekernis that a problem though? Don't you have memory?06:54
stekernisn't that where the bootloader is going to copy data?06:54
olofkstekern: True. Just figured it would be easy to avoid using the memory at all except for writing the image06:59
olofkAnd if I can get away from using memory I should be able to use it with small modifications to write to Flash too07:00
bandvigI’ve got a question about –mdouble-float option in OR1K’s gcc.11:22
bandvigThe target help stays “Allow hardware floating-point instructions to cover both 32-bit and 64-bit operations”.11:22
bandvigIs “mdouble-float” suitable for 64-bit only implementation of OpenRISC? Or is it supposed to combine pairs of GPRs in 32-bit OpenRISC?11:22
juliusbbandvig:  pretty sure GCC will know how to arrange the data into pairs of registers, but of course you'll need a double precision FPU13:10
juliusbI mean, the data type is no different from a long word in or1k, and GCC knows how to handle those13:11
bandvigjuliusb: actually, my hidden goal is to propose an extension to  OpenRISC-32.13:31
bandvigThe extension should combine pairs of GPRs and use the pairs as sources and destination for FPU-64.13:32
bandvigAt the same time I see in Architectural Manual, that each odd GPR starting from R[13] is “Temporary register” while each even GPR starting from R[14] is “Collee-saved register”. So a have an additional question.13:32
bandvigHow GCC handles “long word”? Does it mean that GCC logically combines odd+odd and even_even?13:33
stekernbandvig: with mdouble-float it emits instructions13:42
stekernsearch for TARGET_DOUBLE_FLOAT13:45
olofkLooks like synopsys has released a pretty nice FPGA board to play with their ARC CPU14:48
olofkI see a pretty good OpenRISC board :)14:48
juliusbagree olofk! lx150 Spartan 6, loads of SDRAM and fair bit of flash,only $99 too, that's impressive.18:26
juliusbI don't quite get what they aim to win with this18:26
olofkjuliusb: They're trying to charm the IoT movement, but I really can't understand who would want to use it for that19:56
olofkFuseSoC got a new contributor. I'm always amazed when that happens :)19:59
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