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olofkhaha. Why on earth did sourceware combine cygwin and newlib to one git repo?17:00
olofkSeems like imphil was right :)17:00
imphilolofk, bundling cygwin feels a bit like adobe bundling the ask toolbar with flash player :)17:14
wallentonewlib has its origin in cygwin if I remember correctly17:29
wallentoand it was in before, so its just a matter of naming17:29
imphilcygwin was the first user of newlib, yes :)17:30
daliasthe better question would be why are people using newlib... :-)17:30
olofkdalias: There are plenty of libc for Linux, I haven't found any other C library for bare metal.18:47
olofkI do know that some OpenRISC users used eCos as a libc by disabling basically all of the eCos functionality18:47
olofkdalias: Would it be possible to do something like that for musl, or is it very much tied to Linux?18:49
daliasin principle you can do it already by making a port definition where the implementation of syscall goes into your own code that interfaces with the bare metal18:55
olofkAh ok. Would it make sense to do it?18:57
olofkI mean, how many syscalls are we talking about? The arch-specific layer in newlib is very small18:58
olofkI spent the weekend reading up on zmodem as well. Now I just need some time to do an ASM implementation of it20:46
olofkIs it possible to tell GCC never to use memory and just use registers btw?20:47
olofkFor a C program20:47
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