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olofkTime to get back to work12:04
olofkGetting a lot of GSoC mails12:05
olofkAnd what the hell is going on with the mailing list? Never seen such intense discussion there ever :)12:05
olofkAt least I had time to almost finish integrating the new Wishbone BFM between snowboarding, jacuzzi bathing and six-course dinners :)12:06
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olofkLooks like sourceware is moving their CVS repos to git, starting with newlib12:46
stekernwb olofk12:56
stekernyeah, we knew that you were gone, and we know that you get upset if there is too much discussion on irc when you're not here, so we've kept it down.12:57
stekernbut it leaked to the mailing list then12:57
olofkYeah, I missed that loophole13:12
olofkI'm still reading through the mails.13:12
olofkWhat would happen if there was some malicious program with 50 prefix instructions in a row? Wouldn't that be like a buffer overflow?13:13
stekernyes, but there was a constraint to allow at maximum 2 of them13:20
stekernthe rest would be considered nops I suppose13:20
stekernthe ones at the end or the ones in the beginning, I don't know13:20
olofkWhy two?13:21
olofkFor 64-bit?13:21
olofkNot a fan of those prefixies13:21
stekernone nice thing about them is that you can let the linker emit them13:22
stekernsince there is no register involved13:23
stekernso your asm (handwritten or compiler generated) would just do: l.ori r3, r0, 0xdeadbeef13:24
stekernbut from an implementation point of view I'm not a fan neither (as already stated) ;)13:27
stekernit's a bit like a variable instruction length hack in a fixed instruction length architecture13:28
imphilolofk, oh no! souceware becoming modern? sending zipped patches to a mailing list which then get commited to CVS is such a nice reminder of how ugly the world used to be :)13:46
olofkimphil: They probably just put the CVS repo inside a git repo :)14:34
stekernand then commit the zipped patches ontop of that14:44
imphilI'm sure they'll figure out the most weired way of doing things :)14:46
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