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sheridpHi all,  I've run into a bug using gcc with -msoft-mul:  the compiler is still trying to use l.mul instructions causing the cpu to error. I saw on some forums that msoft-mul might have some problems; does anyone have any updates on this?18:13
stekernsheridp: if you have a reasonable testcase, I can take a look at it19:48
sheridpstekern:  You know, I'm only finding the problem when using floats/doubles.  Maybe when I compiled gcc/newlib I forgot to use --with-float=soft20:14
sheridpSorry, I think I'm getting a bit mixed up.  I'm finding the l.mul within the __mulsf3 function which get's included when I execute a multiplication involving a float20:23
sheridpit looks like __mulsf3 is defined in mulsf3.o which is archived in soft-float/libgcc.a20:26
sheridpSo I think i need to add an -msoft-mul when compiling mulsf3.o but I'm not exactly sure where to put that in the configuration options / scripts21:05
sheridpOK, I fixed the issue by doing the following:  in /opt/or1k-gcc/gcc/config/or1k/t-or1knd  I added msoft-mul to MULTILIB_OPTIONS and soft-mul to MULTILIB_DIRNAMES22:04
sheridpthis gives versions of libgcc.a that do not use the l.mul instruction22:05
sheridpI'm hitting an undefined reference to memcpy as a result of the following line: int colList [4] = {0,1,2,3};23:27
sheridpdoes anyone know where to grab memcpy from?23:27
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