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antgreenolofk: i think the moxielite core is fixed up. testing now.01:07
olofkantgreen: Does mox125 and moxielite implement the same arch? I'm most interested in mox125 as it's verilog so I can use open source tools to simulate it07:21
olofkwallento: Have you sent the newlib patches upstream?08:58
wallentonope, will do this today08:59
olofkGSoC applications are open now. Anyone who wants to help out with the applications?11:01
antgreen olofk: yes, same architecture.11:21
antgreenMoxieLite is a simple state machine, and mox125 is a pipelined architecture11:22
olofkhm... ubuntu doesn't install the static library for libelf. Do I need to install that myself?11:22
olofkantgreen: Cool. I would like to run a simple moxie program on a simulated core to begin with. Do you have any elfs that should just work(tm)?11:23
olofkJust to save me the initial effort of building, installing and verifying the toolchain11:24
antgreenmox125 isn't ready for prime time :(.  I've been working on it actively.11:24
antgreenLet me  commit some stuff right now...11:24
antgreengah - my 2nd monitor doesn't want to wake up.  I think I'll have to reboot.11:26
olofkTo clarify a bit, in the end I would like to make moxie run under FuseSoC, so that we can easily add all the other wishbone-compatible cores we use for OpenRISC11:26
olofkBoth to enhance the moxie ecosystem and to use FuseSoC for something more11:26
antgreenI'm happy to help with that11:27
* antgreen reboots11:27
olofkSomeone here must have used fusesoc on an ubuntu system. I'm getting "ld: cannot find -lelf"11:46
olofkBut "gcc -lelf hello.c" works fine11:47
olofkah ok. I probably misunderstood a bit. I don't need a static libelf11:49
olofkaha... might be that vpi stuff is forced to be 32-bit for modelsim. Whoops11:56
stekernolofk: I have the old eco32 stuff around somewhere as well if you want that12:55
olofkstekern: Yes, that would be nice. I'll probably begin with moxie though12:57
olofkBut I can't do anything until I figure out this libelf problem12:57
olofkWhere does ld look for libs?12:58
stekernyeah, sure. I'm just reminding you that I have some ready-made stuff lying around12:58
olofkI've tried setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH but that doesn't seem to help12:59
olofkUsing -L with the whole path works13:00
GeneralStupidsometimes its hard work :)13:01
olofkstekern: Did you use FuseSoC when you worked with the eco32 stuff, so it just needs some cleaning up?13:03
olofkHmm... when I add -melf_i386 it seems to use the correct search paths13:06
olofkBut it still doesn't find anything13:06
stekernyes, I used fusesoc. And I ussed it to build their own multicycle-core + my own pipelined own13:11
olofkaha... there's no symlink from to libelf.so13:12
olofkShouldn't ubuntu take care of that?13:12
stekernand both for verilated simulations and for de0-nano13:12
olofkstekern: That's great. So it should basically just be to put it in a repo and put up a .core file then?13:13
olofkYes! I just deserved my beard!13:15
stekernI just shaved mine off13:18
stekernyes, if I dig it up. I can try to do that and make a pr13:19
stekernand , I haven't had any problems with (k)ubuntu and libelf13:28
olofkstekern: I will shave off mine in symapthy13:28
GeneralStupiddebian has some tool for this...13:28
GeneralStupidbut i didnt get its name :(13:28
stekernI only did it to get a nice tan in the face13:29
olofkThe special thing to observe here is that I'm building a 32 bit shared library on a 64-bit ubuntu13:29
olofkstekern: Yeah. I really need to get it done before summer. Otherwise I will have to wait until autumn to shave it off13:29
stekern... and I didn't have a mirror to trim it nicely13:29
GeneralStupidyou have the :i386 libs installed?13:31
olofkGeneralStupid: Yep. libelf1:i386 is installed, and I have /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ installled, but no symlink to libelf.so13:33
GeneralStupiddebian ( and ubuntu ) have tools for this... you just use them - but i didnt remember its name... :(13:35
GeneralStupidim doing a grep over my projects directory...13:44
GeneralStupidi already used it. it hurts me that i cant remember13:44
olofkYeah, those things are annoying14:03
olofkantgreen: I just mad my first moxie program :)20:13
olofkldi.l $r0, 0xdeadbeef20:13
olofksta.l 0xbadc0fee, $r020:13
antgreenputting dead beef in coffee definitely would make it bad20:30
antgreenI've been fixing up mox125, but your code probably won't run there for a couple of days20:31
-!- FreezingAlt is now known as FreezingCold20:44
olofkFuuuuck! rm * was not what I wanted to do22:28
olofkOh well. I'll take it as a sign that I should probably go to bed now22:29
olofkTomorrow I'll add "alias rm=mv -t ~/.local/Trash" to my .bashrc :)22:31
olofkWindows Style :)22:32
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