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stekernyou've got to give extra points for the creativity in namegiving of liquor here10:14
stekernhow about a taste of a red cock or some white spirits?10:14
juliusbI believe they were drinking that on Top Gear at some point, making similar jokes :)14:51
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olofkantgreen: I've been thinking about playing a bit with moxie. Your download script pulls in development versions of all the tools. Does the latest upstream tar ball releases work with any of the tools?21:24
antgreenolofk: hi - great!  So... the cores do not work with the current tools. :(  I've made some improvements to the architecture.  They are minor, and I will try to fix up the MoxieLite core tonight or tomorrow.21:50
antgreenMostly I've been working on the mox125 pipelined core, which is getting close to working.21:51
antgreenThe craziest activities in the moxie world is in the software simulation world... the bitcoin project has adopted moxie as the basis for a secure VM for various purposes.21:52
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