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stekern poke53282: do you have the qemu you're working on somewhere?01:24
stekernolofk: re gsoc projects, a netbsd port is still on the wishlist01:41
olofkKids, don't use windows. It will destroy you07:16
wallentoolofk: submitted the newlib patch to upstream07:47
olofkwallento: Great!08:10
olofkstekern: Yes. netbsd would be great. Who would be the best person to lead this if it was accepted?08:11
olofkWould ysionneau be interested in this?08:12
olofkantgreen: I did the FuseSoC integration stuff for muskoka and the moxie cores yesterday08:24
olofk... a few minutes before my fingers decided to slip on the keyboard and do a "rm *" :)08:25
ysionneauolofk < that would be interesting but I have absolutely no time for this, and I have still a lot of stuff to do on the lm32 netbsd port ^^10:19
ysionneaubut IIRC matt from netbsd is already working on an openrisc port, isn't he?10:19
ysionneau(Matt Thomas)10:20
olofkysionneau: Ah ok. I haven't looked into that. Should talk to him10:50
olofkysionneau: Does he hang around on IRC, or should I drop him a mail?10:52
ysionneauhe sent several emails on openrisc mailing list10:53
ysionneauI'm not sure if he hangs on irc, cannot find him, you should better send him an email :)10:54
ysionneauhe's a very experienced netbsd kernel developer10:54
ysionneaumaitaining/developing the arm port10:55
ysionneauamong other stuff :)10:55
olofkSent him a mail11:33
antgreenolofk: oh no!  let me know when/if you recreate it.  I'm suffering from my own data loss today and kicking myself for not backing up one of my systems. :(12:10
olofkantgreen: Yeah, it wasn't a big deal. I'll redo it tonight and push my WIP to github13:19
_franck__olofk: having a local bench/ directory in the core which is fetched is not supported right ?13:21
_franck__I mean if I want to add a local bench to simple_spi it's not possible13:22
olofk_franck__: No, but I can see three ways around it.13:23
olofk1. Create a new core with just the testbench and make it depend on simple_spi13:23
olofk2. Fork simple_spi13:23
olofk3. Add support in FuseSoC for adding files (not just patches)13:24
olofkI would go with solution 1 for now13:24
_franck__humm, I'll go for 3 :)13:24
_franck__we want to add a bench to any core13:24
olofkWell, option 3 is best for FuseSoC, so I'm happy for that :)13:25
olofkI'm thinking of how to best do it. My first idea was to just have a subdiretory called "files" or something like that and merge that with the downloaded core in the cache13:32
olofkThe problem with that is that we are starting to have several versions of cores in the same directory and some files might only be applicable for a certain version. This is the same problem with the patches too, so I have thought about ways to get around that too13:33
olofkPerhaps the easiest solution to that problem is to list the additional files in the .core file13:34
olofkYeah, let's go with that unless you come up with a nicer solution13:34
_franck__olofk: ^13:46
_franck__my easiest solution13:46
_franck__if the file is not is the cache check if it is in the core directory13:47
_franck__and priority given to the cache13:47
Me1234Can I use openocd with multicore orpsoc from here
Me1234I see that the debug interface to cpu is unconnented18:21
olofk_franck_: Nice. That's good and simple.19:32
olofkBut we should remove the pr_warn and raise an exception instead. The warning is an old workaround for a problem that doesn't exist anymore19:33
olofkstekern: I probably picked a bad time to work on Moxie since it's not really working atm. Do you have the eco32 stuff somewhere?20:33
olofk_franck_: Maybe we should give priority to files in core_root instead, to allow overwriting files easier20:36
blueCmdI got the strangest job offer with the title "RE:" - that's a repository that was deleted a *long* time ago, and a google search only gives me IRC logs from the channel.23:05
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