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stekernolofk: spi, some obscure nand driver, usb etc. basically all !ethoc01:57
stekern...maybe it's time for me to upstream those...02:07
stekernwell, at elaaast the spi one02:07
stekernit's hard to keep up with the instream of mails when you have sporadic internet access...02:50
stekernI pushed what u-boot I had on my hd here:
stekern(and what I had on my hd should reflect what was on
olofkstekern: Yeah, I know the feeling. That's why I came up with the rule about no talking on the internet when I'm not there06:11
wallentoolofk: sorry, need to keep up07:42
wallentoi will clean up github.io07:43
wallentothanks for your input07:43
wallentois gone forever now?07:43
wallentoare you interested in posting some news there?07:45
wallentoI will post some or1k-elf toolchain update07:45
wallentomaybe one can add a linux update07:45
olofkwallento: Not sure what will happen to, but people are already asking where to donwload stuff, so we should update the docs for now07:58
wallentookay, we may take the chance and clean up this stuff09:23
olofkHmm.. I'm getting this error when I compile the kernel with my memset routine. Anyone with better Linux/C skills who can figure out what's wrong?09:56
ysionneauolofk: have you made the symbol global ?10:22
olofkysionneau: Yep10:22
* ysionneau is off10:22
olofkI'm looking at the other arches and there are lots of things I don't really get10:23
stekernit looks like it's used from a module, perhaps extra precaution has to be made when writing asm for modules?10:24
olofkstekern: An update. I added some ifdefs according to how the other arches do it and now I get this instead10:25
olofkarch/openrisc/kernel/built-in.o: In function `copy_thread':10:25
olofk(.text+0x7ec): relocation truncated to fit: R_OR1K_INSN_REL_26 against undefined symbol `memset'10:25
olofkAnd a lot of other similar10:25
stekernbut why is memsetg undefined?10:27
olofkI can't understand that either10:28
stekernI wish my computer workspace always looked like this, on a balcony with view over sunset on a beach10:28
stekernand a beer at my right side10:28
stekernolofk: to get git to send e-mails, just do 'git send-email --to <someone> --cc <someone-else> /path/to/patch'10:32
olofkstekern: Cool10:41
olofkAha.. I think that my .h file is never picked up10:41
olofkWhich I can kind of understand, since I haven't told Linux that it exists10:42
olofkOtoh, I can't see that the other arches do that either10:43
olofkThis sucks10:53
olofkI had it working in another kernel tree, but in that case I just rebuilt a kernel, so I probably need to do something more to make it work on a fresh kernel10:54
olofkHmm... most of the asm stuff for OpenRIS is defined directly in the .h files. Is there a reason for this?10:57
olofkAnd what's this asm/linkage.h that seems to be used in some places?11:07
olofkLinux is complicated. I should probably learn C some day :(11:07
olofkIt works when I disabled the module12:04
olofkActually, that was the only module. Could it be something weird with modules in general?12:04
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olofkHaha. With the optimized memset it executes 15% less instructions on a kernel boot. Probably a whole lot less writes too, so it should be a lot faster without data cache12:31
olofkYep. 12% less write accesses12:34
olofkAssembler is fun!12:35
olofkI'll probably rewrite fusesoc in assembler now12:44
_franck__olofk: while you are working on this you should try the C version of memcpy from  musl12:48
_franck__it's the same king of algorithm you can find in arch/microblaze/lib/memcpy.c12:49
stekernolofk: nice!13:06
olofk_franck__: Yeah, I'm using the same algorithm as the microblaze port13:16
olofkfor memset13:16
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