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olofkstekern, _franck__, juliusb : We should put up u-boot on the github openrisc page too. Who's got the best repo?09:45
_franck__u-boot is uptream09:46
_franck__so the best one is on u-boot's git09:46
olofkaha. I didn't know09:46
olofkI'll update the docs then09:46
olofkwallento: How do I (or force you to) update
wallentogood morning olofk: just check it out and push09:50
olofkwallento: Cool. I'll try that then09:51
olofkwallento: doesn't seem to be used anywhere and looks a bit outdated. Remove it?11:02
olofkAnd what should we put for email in _config.yml? Just remove the line for now, or point to the openrisc mailing list on opencores?11:04 looks unused too11:05
olofkhmm.. how does this really work? I see that the community page is in the top bar, but I can't find any reference to it in the source11:09
olofkaha, it has a group: navigation property11:13
olofkCan I preview the changes without having to push?11:15
olofkAh, I can edit them directly on github instead11:16
olofkgah.. turns out the github editor is WYSIAlmostWYG. My strike-through ended up as ~~11:30
olofk_franck__: Do you have a feeling for how small we can make the barebox binary? Would be cool if we could embed it directly into on-chip RAM. Right now I can't get it below ~120kB11:32
_franck__olofk: I don't know, however, we could see if we can use SPL support from barebox (or u-boot)12:23
_franck__I never investigate that12:23
_franck__it's a very small version of the bootloader (~4KB)12:23
_franck__the purpose is to execute from SRAM and then load the bootloader12:24
_franck__olofk: your instruction are cut:
_franck__I don't know if it's because of my browser or something13:31
stekernyeah, best is upstream, there's however a couple of drivers I never got around to upstream14:57
stekernre u-boot14:58
olofk_franck_: I think the problem is the shitty CSS on It looks like it's always assuming that the screen is 1024 pixels wide. It's probably nicer to split up the instructions to two lines to avoid tihs19:55
olofkAnd SPL sounds very interesting. I'll look it up a bit more19:55
olofkstekern: Do you remember which drivers?19:56
olofk_franck_: We should change the linker script in barebox to use elf32-or1k20:15
olofkAnd how do I generate the SPL stuff in barebox? Couldn't find any config options20:16
olofkAnd no spl dir was created20:16
olofkhmm... looks like some of the device tress has device with label = u-boot-spl. Could that be something..?20:21
olofkoh well. Got other stuff to do at the moment. Putting it on my todo list for now20:23
olofkChecking out the OpenRISC SVN repo was slow, but it's nothing compared to cloning a Linux kernel20:46
olofkAre there any instructions btw on how to add OpenRISC busybox to a upstream kernel?20:47
olofkaha. There are some on Better save those20:47
_franck_olofk: in barebox SPL is called PBL (pre bootloader). But I don't know much about this.22:12
_franck_and yes, we should change the linker script to use elf32-or1k22:12
olofkHa! My memset is now optimized a bit more. All delay slots are filled22:13
olofk_franck_: Ah ok. I'll probably take another look at it sometime22:14
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