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stekernysionneau: tbh, I can't remember myself anymore.02:14
stekernbut it should be easy to find out02:15
mor1kx[mor1kx] olofk opened pull request #24: Add option to clear RF in simulations (master...master)
olofkDamn! mor1kx left again. I wanted to talk to him07:07
stekernhe's a hit'n'runner08:49
stekernolofk: I only added the cosmetic suggestions since wallento already had a valid technical comment09:57
olofkstekern: Ah, I missed setting that on to zero. I'll change that, fix the coding style and resubmit10:37
olofkBut once I update the pull request, all comments will be lost, right?10:38
wallentoyes, this sucks10:55
wallentoif you rewrite the commit10:55
olofkdoh. I pushed a bit more than I planned11:17
olofkok, now it's done11:22
olofkstekern: I request that you pull my stuff11:22
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olofkstekern_: Is your linux openrisc branch on github the same as the smp branch on
ysionneaustekern_: by just looking at the directory tree architecture, it seems to be 3.4 (when comparing to 3.4 and 3.5 official branches)13:50
stekern_olofk: yes14:58
-!- stekern_ is now known as stekern14:58
stekernI can push more branches if it's desired14:58
stekernysionneau: the italian guys have a more recent repo somewhere15:01
olofkstekern: God no! One branch is more than enough15:01
stekernI've got them on my hd if anyone need them anyway15:02
olofkstekern: We need to update the docs to point to a new kernel locations. Should we point people to your openris branch, or should we clone it to openrisc/linux ?15:02
stekernclone it to openrisc/linux15:03
olofkNow we just need to update our scattered documentation15:08
ysangkokpoke53282: gh-pages was force pushed?20:47
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