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Me1234Anyone knows where to get orpsoc v2 now, when is down?15:05
rschmidlinhello everyone, is there an FPU around for the mor1kx19:53
rschmidlinAnd where do I find the irc logs?19:54
rschmidlinIgnore the last question :P19:57
olofk_rschmidlin: There's a guy who has ported and improved the or1200 FPU20:29
rschmidlinaha, nice20:30
rschmidlinpeople from my work are getting interested in mor1kx. I have to put up a system to let them evaluate a little.20:30
rschmidlinis there a link or a contact for this FPU?20:30
olofk_There's a withfpu branch for mor1kx20:31
olofk_I'm not sure if the FPU is in the main branch as well20:32
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rschmidlinI dont think so20:46
Me1234I think that is down and does not respond even to ping!20:47
Me1234But dns resolution does not fail.20:49
olofkMe1234: Regarding I have contacted the maintainer21:00
olofkRegarding it might be that they are running their daily backup. I know that the site is hard to reach for an hour every day21:00
rschmidlinolofk, why do you use the 8-bit type of uart? I dunno if it is my software that addresses it wrongly now or if it simply does not work because of that.21:47
rschmidlinolofk, got that with gprs not initialized, I initialized them on the respective file, at least for simulation22:47
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