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olofkCan I build a libgloss BSP archive for a new board and then just drop it into an installed toolchain elsewhere?11:31
olofkI saw that _franck_ had provided a libboard for neek in orpsoc-cores11:31
olofkoh... I just realized the horrors of multilib11:33
Me1234What defines have to be used for bootrom.S ?13:35
Me1234I have defined only BOOTROM_SPI_FLASH and it does not work.13:35
olofkHas anyone talked to Jonas regarding
Me1234olofk: The bootrom.S (orpsoc v2) with #define BOOTROM_SPI_FLASH does not work. Is it bacause I am generating the SPI flash image wrongly? I use these commands for generation
olofkMe1234: I don't think I have ever used the bootrom file from orpsocv2. Nor have I loaded things from Flash15:36
olofkI guess that juliusb would be your guy for that15:37
Me1234olofk: I use this file with orpsoc v3 (It is taken from orpsoc v2)15:38
Ben___It appears that the domain registration for expired on the 26th.  Does anyone know the IP address of  If so that may work to get to git repo's.23:21
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