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poke53282olofk: I bought never computers <=500 Euro for a very long time.  But only Desktop PCs and then I upgraded slowly.  However the time has changed and also my requirements. I had no money when I was studying, but endless time. Now I have (at least a little bit more) money, but not that much time anymore. Now my major requirement is simply, that the system runs without problems and does not annoy me. I don't want to turn it off and it should ru00:43
poke53282machine and 20 Apps are running.00:43
poke53282s/I bought never computers <=500/I bought never computers >=500/00:44
poke53282This is one reason (unfortunately, there are more related to work and games), why I am still use Windows as boot loader.00:46
poke53282But with my changed requirements (+mobile) the computers < 500 Euro are mostly out.00:49
olofkIs there no way to see 2d arrays in gtkwave?10:37
olofkI don't know if the problem is in gtkwave or icarus10:37
olofkor with the VCD format10:45
stekernat least (small) arrays of vectors show when generated with verilator10:50
stekerni.e. it'll show the content of the RF10:50
olofkah ok. So then it's an icarus problem11:02
olofkI think I just hit a bug in my heavily modified wb_sdram_ctrl. I don't know why I haven't hit it before since it looks like it's present in the original version11:04
olofkAh wait.... is this because I haven't connected the bufw ports. Hmm..11:07
stekernreminds me, I've got my de0 nano back, so I can test your modified version11:08
olofkstekern: Cool. I have done a lot more modifications after that, but for now I had to fork the controller. Hope to feed stuff back when I'm done with this controller11:09
stekernas long as you don't knife it11:10
olofkIt's pretty sliced up with open wounds actually11:10
olofkIt might be a bug after all. Or something I don't understand11:11
stekernthat joke would have been so much more fun in Finnish. "puukota = to knife" but also slang for "to hack"11:12
olofkI have a long burst. For the first couple of writes, I get bufhit, since the address matches buf_adr. But as soon as I write outside the buffer, the data isn't written to the bufram anymore. And when I do a read afterwards, I get the old value11:13
stekernso you get a read bufhit even if it's not a hit?11:14
olofkBut I realize that I have rewritten the buffer invalidation logic quite a bit, so the problem is most likely there11:16
olofkI shouldn't get a read hit11:16
stekernyeah, but isn't that the definition of a bug? something happens that shouldn't happen =P11:17
olofkOf course it's on a wrap 16 burst. They have been causing quite som problems, and no one has probably ever used them11:19
stekernah, the excitement when you get an e-mail that your package that you have ordered have been sent away, but the tracking number that they give is invalid...11:45
stekern...and it's been a couple of days now, so it's not that it hasn't had time to enter the system11:46
stekernheh, I right after I wrote that, the delivery guy called and said that he's on the way with the package ;)13:04
amswhat are you getting?13:18
stekerna kobo glo e-reader13:37
stekerntired of lugging around real books, and reading from a tablet isn't a good substitute13:39
stekernfinding resellers for e-book readers in finland proved to be hard, so I had to order from pixmania13:44
stekern...and the reviews about pixmania aren't the best to say the least13:45
* ams checks what a hobo e-glow reader is..14:13
stekernheh, nice 'typo' =)14:21
taesooquick question. I'd love to explore OpenRSIC, but not sure which dev board is best supported? (all from the wiki are out-of-stock as well)15:23
stekerntaesoo: at least the de0 nano board is fairly popular16:01
taesoode0 nano seems too limited; no ethernet &c. Is there any way to get 'ordb2a-ep4ce22' or any plan to release other dev boards by openrisc communities?16:45
stekernyeah, no ethernet is a big disadvantage with it17:00
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