IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2014-12-09

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mor1kx[mor1kx] skristiansson pushed 7 new commits to mor1kx_v2:
mor1kxmor1kx/mor1kx_v2 c192963 Stefan Wallentowitz: lsu: reset state for write pending...05:47
mor1kxmor1kx/mor1kx_v2 398280a Stefan Wallentowitz: lsu: add missing signal definition...05:47
mor1kxmor1kx/mor1kx_v2 06abade Stefan Kristiansson: cappuccino/ctrl: do not copy FO from esr on rfe...05:47
mor1kx[mor1kx] skristiansson tagged v2.3 at mor1kx_v2:
olofkhmm.. looks like my DRAM controller is truly random access. Sometimes it won't access the memory09:03
ysionneauyou designed true randomness :)10:32
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