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poke53281Hmm, looks a little bit like 3D. But it is definitely point&click00:01
stekernah, finally reasonably priced fullhd 13.3" laptops are starting to appear on the market09:49
stekernmaybe it's time to replace my ~7 year old laptop I have now...09:50
olofkstekern: I missed broken sword as well. Played through the first two ones just a few years ago11:59
olofkI can recommend Book of unwritten tales as well. Started playing it a few days ago12:02
juliusbolofk: you around?17:11
imphil_rschmidlin, did you get the link?17:12
rschmidlinimphil_, yes, thanks17:12
olofkFuck. Forgot to set a reminder for the conf17:35
poke53281stekern: You might get a speed boost of a factor 2-3 in jor1k. Haswell CPUs and above are specially optimized for my emulator.18:02
stekernpoke53281: I don't think I ever tried jor1k on that old thing, usually I just ssh into my ws from it18:22
stekernperformance is actually not the issue with it, more that its big and heavy18:24
stekern is the one I've been looking at18:33
poke53281The Ethernet slot looks strange.18:35
poke53281Looks like to open this slot somehow.18:36
poke53281But at least it has such a slot. I don't like the really thin notebooks. They don't have connections. This one seems to at the limit. But I still see some room for 3-4 additional USB ports.18:37
poke53281Let's say it this way. I need two ports for external mouse and keyboard if I really want to work with such a thing.18:41
stekernI wouldn't use it anywhere where I'd put a keyboard into it18:44
stekernthe only bad reviews I heard about it is that the touchpad sucks, which is a bit worrying18:45
stekern(also that the web camera isn't all that good, but that I couldn't care less about)18:45
poke53281Yes, the quality of the web camera is indeed unimportant18:47
poke53281The quality of the keyboard however is important.18:48
stekerntrue, my ancient laptop has an excellent keyboard, another reason why I have kept it around for so long18:51
poke53281Such a keyboard would be perfect in such thin notebooks. But probably I would have to break some physical laws if this would be possible.18:55
stekernyeah, the lenovo business laptops are good, especially the keyboards19:04
stekernI'd buy that one if price wasn't an issue19:06
poke53281Always the same :)19:11
olofkI got an 13" ASUS Zenbook with touch screen. It's been quite nice with a good keyboard, but after 18 months the DC jack has become so flaky that it's almost unusable, and this has in caused many bad recharge cycles so now the battery isn't very good anymore. I would actually consider a Macbook just for the magnetic charger, but they are pretty expensive19:32
olofkI wouldn't have gotten a touch screen either if I had paid for it myself :)19:34
poke53281Yes, Macbooks are expensive. But it looks like most people are happy. But they always ask me, if there is a Mac version for my Windows software stuff. That's annoying.19:39
stekernthe non-retina ones aren't that expensive, you get those for <1000€19:42
stekernunfortunately those aren't of interest to me19:42
olofkstekern: Any particular reasons?19:49
olofkFor your non-interest19:49
stekernI meant the non-retina ones20:08
olofkToo low resolution?20:08
stekernthe other ones I'd like, but my wallet isn't fat enough ;)20:08
stekernyeah, too low resolution20:09
olofkYeah, I can understand that. Those Apple guys know how to make shiny price tags20:09
olofkThe most money I have spent on a computer since 97 is ~€50020:10
stekernI've only bought my computers in pieces20:11
olofkThat's a bit more tricky with laptops20:11
stekernyeah, but I've never bought a laptop ;)20:11
stekernat least not for myself20:12
stekernto the wife and kids I have20:12
stekernbut they're not as picky as I20:12
olofkPfft.. They are too spoiled. You should just give them de0 nanos and let them fix the rest themselves20:12
stekernwell, the younger boy *did* play mi2 on the sockit ;)20:13
stekernthey're too young to handle the english language though20:14
stekernat least to the extent you need to be able to play those game20:14
stekernit'd be cool if fan translations would be easier deployed for them20:15
olofkYeah. I thought that would be one of the most popular targets for fan translations20:16
stekern(and if there would be swedish/finnish translations)20:16
stekernI think the problem is that the texts are deeply embedded in the scripts20:16
olofkYeah, but they have the SCUMM format figured out pretty well, so it wouldn't be too hard to let the engine map the texts20:17
stekernso you either have to modify the binaries, which of course can't be distributed20:17
stekern...or map the actual strings to other strings20:18
stekernI've played with the thought of exploring the second option20:18
olofkA third option would be an index file, so you don't have to do string matching on the fly20:19
olofkMainly as a help for the third option, to avoid the problem with identical strings with different meanings20:19
olofkstekern: Your dpram_generic is so not generic :)20:20
stekernone reason why it hasn't been done already is probably that where the main interest for translations are are so used to things being dubbed, that they can't cope with the idea that the spoken language is different from the subtitles ;)20:21
stekernwhat? it has worked on all targets I've tested it on!20:22
stekern*counting on fingers* 1... yeah, that's it*20:22
stekernwhat's the problem with it though?20:23
olofkAh right. Forgot about dubs21:17
olofkI need a 64-bit variant now. That's my issue21:17
olofkDoes anyone have any deeper understanding of the implications of the GCC stack protector btw? As I understand it it's a security feature, so turning it off for VPI libraries shouldn't be any problem21:19
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