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poke53281stekern: sorry, was away for four hours02:45
poke53281Nothing special02:46
poke53281But not tested. Especially I don't know if the input works.03:59
stekernpoke53281: thanks, I took your packages for the time being06:37
poke53281I didn't compile it for X06:52
stekernno, problem, I'll need to fix my input hack for the sockit before I can properly use X anyway06:53
stekernit crashes it 75% of the time06:53
stekernlast time I tested something in X, I used x11-vnc06:53
stekernit worked fairly well06:54
stekernpoke53281: I didn't have any problems compiling it. did you remember to update the config.* files?08:47
stekern"Could not initialize SDL: No available video device!"08:49
stekernyeah, seems that framebuffer isn't supported anymore08:58
stekern...and it crashes when I try to use SDL109:01
poke53281you mean scummvm? which config.* files?18:37
poke53281I know that the package SDL.tar.bz2 is compiled with hard-float. I don't think this matter and I removed the flag. But the version is still compiled with this flag.18:46
poke53281SDL2 is compiled without this flag.18:47
stekernI mean config.sub and config.guess19:10
poke53281this is in the function $(call extractpatch,$@,$($@_VERSION))19:11
poke53281and the postlib function executes the following:19:12
poke53281find $(SYSROOT)/usr/lib/ -name "*.la" -exec sed -i~ -e "s;libdir='/usr;libdir='$(SYSROOT)/usr;g" {} \;19:12
poke53281        find $(SYSROOT)/usr/lib/ -name "*.la" -exec sed -i~ -e "s;dependency_libs=' /usr;dependency_libs=' $(SYSROOT)/usr;g" {} \;19:12
poke53281        find $(SYSROOT)/usr/lib/ -name "*.la" -exec sed -i~ -e "s; /usr; $(SYSROOT)/usr;g" {} \;19:12
stekernpoke53281: I'm speaking about scummvm20:00
stekernyou got an undefined reference to main, which suggest that configure couldn't figure out what backend to pick (linux => posix)20:01
stekernI think the crash I'm seeing is some bug in my system20:18
stekerneither in linux or the soc20:19
poke53281Hmm, so what is the correct patch for the config file?20:48
stekernI provided a pull-request for an update of them, but I screwed up the permissions on the files, so he committed his own instead20:49
poke53281thanks it compiles21:08
poke532811.8.0git works with SDL 1.021:11
poke53281guybrush still wants to be a pirate21:12
stekernok, probably my setup that is borken then...21:12
stekernI get something messing up the stack21:13
stekernand adding debug printfs makes it go away21:13
poke53281I use not your repo right now.21:13
stekerncan you tar up your build dir and give me?21:13
poke53281should be this one21:24
stekernyeah, that doesn't crash on my setup neither21:26
stekernbut I didn't build my the same way as you21:27
poke53281        cd src/$@; CFLAGS="-O2" CXXFLAGS="-O2" ./configure $(CONFIG_HOST) \21:29
poke53281                --disable-all-engines           \21:29
poke53281                --enable-engine-static=scumm    \21:29
poke53281                --with-sdl-prefix=$(SYSROOT)/usr \21:29
poke53281                --enable-verbose-build          \21:29
poke53281                --disable-hq-scalers            \21:29
poke53281                --disable-translation           \21:29
poke53281                --disable-bink                  \21:29
poke53281                --disable-debug                 \21:29
poke53281                --enable-release                \21:29
poke53281                --disable-vorbis                \21:29
poke53281                --disable-opengl                \21:29
stekernmmm, but it21:30
stekern's not a bug in scummvm anyway, so the fact that it crashes is due to something else...21:31
poke53281I updated SDL too, without hard-float21:34
poke53281Just in case you want to test something21:37
poke53281maybe static libgcc problem?21:43
stekernno, it's not a miscompile problem or something like that (at least I don't think so)21:44
stekernit's a variable on the stack that suddenly has the wrong value21:45
stekernand adding a debug printf in that function makes it go away21:46
poke53281a Heisenbug21:46
stekernand I checked, the register assignments stayed intact (earlier I've had bugs like this, where a printf would change the registers the variables where stored in)21:47
stekernI should merge in my old framebuffer patches to or1k-sim and see if I can reproduce in that21:48
stekernhmmm, it crashes when I use your flags as well...22:15
poke53281but you should get almost the same binaries?22:16
poke53281gcc version 4.9.1 (GCC)22:17
stekernI'm still on .122:21
stekernoh, I forgot the CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS, now it doesn't crash...22:22
stekernbut I had those earlier22:22
stekernand it did crash then...22:22
stekernso it's probably just a coincident22:23
poke53281Should I try some of your binaries?22:24
poke53281Well, you can do it yourself of course. Thanks to all such small icons under the terminal.22:24
stekernhow large files can I upload?22:24
stekernwhen I enable the default engines, the resulting binary is ~30MB22:24
poke53281Until the webbrowser crashes or until you are out of memory.22:25
poke532811-2GB I guess22:25
poke5328130MB is no problem22:25
stekernok, great22:25
poke53281you can strip it before.22:25
stekernOT, I've just realised that I had missed the broken sword series of games in the mid 90's22:26
poke53281OF course if you work all the time with a mobile device and with Android or iOS with only 256MB RAM it won't work.22:26
stekernI'm making up for that now, played through the the first one22:27
poke53281never played broken sword22:27
poke53281IT is good?22:28
stekernalso discovered ;)22:28
poke53281Looks good. Might we worth a try22:31
poke53281Ahh sorry, stekern. The browser is fine with 30MB, but not the emulator. Wait one second22:32
stekernthe story is great, puzzles makes sense, the only downside is that you can die22:32
stekernbut not in very many places22:32
poke53281now you it supports 64MB.22:33
poke53281An adventure where you can die. Strange.22:33
poke53281Ok, I will take a look22:33
stekernheh... wtf, now gcc iced on me when I compiled it22:33
poke53281Do you play the Director Cuts?22:35
poke53281gcc iced ... you die in an adventure.  I am worried about your computer and your universe. Might be unstable.22:36
stekernno, I played the original (it's included in the version)22:36
poke53281Did you ever play "The_Longest_Journey"?22:51
poke53281According to my news site, there will be a remake of "Day of Tentacle"22:54
stekernyeah, I saw that too22:55
stekernbah... now it doesn't crash anymore...22:59
poke53281The Longest Journey has excellent critics, but has a very long and exhausting first part.23:07
poke53281I never played it through, but it seems to be epic.23:08
poke53281So I started and stopped after the first two hours because it didn't catch me.23:08
poke53281But I guess it has potential23:08
stekernit looked like 3d?23:14
stekernone nice thing about SDL2 is the _FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP mode23:18
stekernwhere it upscales to the desktop resolution instead of changing it23:18
stekernmodes < 1920x1080 looks like crap on my cheap ass monitor23:20
poke53281The Last Journey is not 3D23:30
stekernlooked like it from this:
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