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poke53281Perl gets a special place in the hall of shame for worst cross compiling capabilities. But finally it works.20:40
poke53281But hey, finally you can run c_rehash to rehash the ssl certificates. Definitely another killer feature ;)20:42
stekernso how small how you got it now?20:42
poke53281compressed .tar.bz2 812042 bytes20:43
poke532814.1MB uncompressed20:43
poke53281Of course after deleting around 80MB libraries and man files20:43
poke53281For vim I deleted the whole 40MB data. I don't have a clue about the most used data files for vim. Probably some syntax highlighting.20:46
poke53281the whole filesystem needs 73MB compressed (171MB uncompressed) and contains the following packages:
poke53281But for example libX11.tar.bz2 contains around 20 libraries. So the counting is a little bit difficult.20:52
stekernpoke53281: I actually used jor1k for something "useful" today ;)21:05
poke53281nmap portscan of you worst enemy server?21:06
stekernI needed to test wether passing "UCS-2" as the tocode to iconv always produced "correct" result regardless of endian21:07
poke53281Hmm, iconv is not installed, or?21:08
stekernwell, I crosscompiled and uploaded21:09
poke53281Ok, nice21:09
poke53281Finally someone uses those icons under the terminal.21:10
stekernit's a killer feature! ;)21:10
poke53281Ok, this works.21:10
poke53281Since yesterday the clipboard works too. So just paste into the small field when you are in a text editor.21:11
stekernthe answer to my question, it "UCS-2" is endian agnostic... but UCS-2 is really supposed to be always big endian21:13
stekernanother answer I got from that question is that iconv doesn't accept "UCS-2-INTERNAL"21:14
poke53281The same is not true for UTF-16 I guess.21:14
stekernnow to the fun part, SDL defines wrappers for iconv when iconv is present and own implementations when it doesn't21:15
stekern...and their implementation behaves differently21:15
poke53281Maybe that explains the weird behavior in the dosbox I found. The input simply doesn't.21:16
stekerndoes that use SDL?21:16
poke53281Let me check configure to see, what SDL does.21:17
poke53281Yes, dosbox uses libSDL.21:17
poke53281checking for libiconv_open in -liconv... no21:18
poke53281checking for iconv... yes21:18
stekernthe grand jewel is this:
poke53281So I guess, that my SDL uses not the internal iconv implementation.21:18
stekernand iconv doesn't support "UCS-2-INTERNAL"21:19
poke53281I see21:19
stekernbut I think that is a post SDL1.2 change, and I assume dosbox uses 1.2?21:20
poke53281Yes 1.2.15 at least21:21
poke53281But I didn't look closer at the dosbox-keyboard issue because it was so damn slow.21:21
stekernthis is that define in SDL1.2:
poke53281Hmmm, no INTERNAL21:23
stekernyeah, so that should work with iconv (and big-endian machines for their own implementation)21:24
poke53281For which software do you need this? Or why is this a problem?21:27
stekernI'm working on SDL2 support for scummvm21:28
poke53281Ohhh, I thought, this is already done.21:28
stekernno, the biggest blocker has been in keyboard handling. SDL2 removed a .unicode (ucs2) field from the keydown events and introduced a seperate TEXT_INPUT event for unicode input21:30
poke53281If you want I can compile and test it. libSDL2 compiles fine21:30
stekernI've got a solution that catches those and merges them into scummvm's events, but I'm working out some quirks still21:31
poke53281I see21:31
stekernand one is that the TEXT_INPUT gives the result as an utf-8 string, hence my adventures with iconv.21:32
stekernif you want to test it, it's in this branch:
poke53281Just an offer. The current scummvm runs good.21:35
stekernit'd be interesting to see if it works. I've planned to try myself sooner or later.21:37
stekernwell, it works on my workstation and my phone, but if it works on or1k I mean ;)21:37
stekernespecially since SDL2 have moved to a more GPU orientated approach21:38
poke53281let's see21:39
poke53281In function '__cstart' undefined reference to main21:48
poke53281the final linking gives me around 30 errors21:48
stekernsounds good ;)21:49
stekernhow did you configure it btw?21:49
stekernyou have to --enable-sdl2 to enforce sdl221:49
poke53281        cd src/$@; CFLAGS="-O2" LDFLAGS="" ./configure $(CONFIG_HOST) \21:50
poke53281                --disable-debug                 \21:50
poke53281                --disable-all-engines           \21:50
poke53281                --enable-engine-static=scumm    \21:50
poke53281                --disable-opengl                \21:50
poke53281                --with-sdl-prefix=$(SYSROOT)/usr        \21:50
poke53281                --disable-hq-scalers            \21:50
poke53281                --disable-translation           \21:50
poke53281                --disable-bink                  \21:50
poke53281                --enable-sdl221:50
poke53281Yes, I did21:50
stekerndoes it compile if you omit that flag?21:50
poke53281in 10 seconds I know21:51
poke53281another 1021:51
poke53281Nope, still the same problem.21:51
stekernthen it's at least not my fault ;)21:53
poke53281How do I activate a verbose compilation? make V=1 does not work21:54
stekernnot sure21:56
poke53281./configure --enable-verbose-build22:02
poke53281No chance. But it seems, that others have the same problem with 1.7.0 when cross compiling.22:13
stekernok, what seems to be the problem?22:21
poke53281In one thread no answer22:24
poke53281and here is the other one22:25
poke53281export CXXFLAGS="-Wl,--no-keep-memory"22:25
poke53281doesn't seem to work for me22:25
poke53281Bu I figured out, that my current version for jor1k was never optimized.  :(22:26
stekerndo you have a recipe for building SDL2?22:55
stekernor is it basically the same as sdl1?22:55
stekernah, you even have packages ;)22:56
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