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olofkIf I ever make a CPU bus, the first priority will be that all signal names should have equal length09:18
olofkwb_we, I'm looking at you!09:19
olofkhmmm... making a wishbone upsizer was messier than I had first thought09:54
olofkI'm getting ever more interested in adding a burst length signal09:55
olofkI guess that in practice most masters already use a fixed burst length anyway09:57
olofksb0, ysionneau: Got any wishbone upsizers as well?10:08
stekernolofk: I on the other side would have the names by increasing number10:12
stekernto enforce the sorting10:13
maxpalnhowdy all - a quick performance question. Looking around the IIRC logs and forums I can see a general DMIPS value of around 1.5 DMIPS/MHz and a coremark value of around 80-90 @ 50 MHz. Does anyone know if these are realistic/sensible values? I'm had a request for a processor with a DMIPS/MHz value of above 1.2.10:29
stekernmaxpaln: those are realistic values10:30
maxpalnstekern: thanks.10:30
maxpalnFWIW, these are pretty impressive figures for an embedded uP - the NIOS II is much lower IIRC.10:31
stekernyour lm32 has comparable numbers though ;)10:32
stekernbut mor1kx has a cooler name, so that's of course the obvious choice10:33
sb0maxpaln, lm32 uses much fewer LUTs10:33
sb0and has nicer ABI and ISA.10:33
maxpaln:-) mor1kx is a MUCH cooler name.10:34
maxpalnYes, our LM32 is also one of our considerations - but the need to run Linux makes the mor1kx a more appealing option.10:35
maxpalnwe'll probably offer both and let the customer decide.10:35
sb0more resources invested into developing software for an inferior processor. yay.10:39
maxpalnWhoop! The new BFM is proving its worth - I have cleared out several niggling corner case bugs and managed to reduce the latency in the process. I am now seeing consistent success in HW when there are no problems in simulation. This makes life a lot easier! :-)14:06
olofkmaxpaln: Yes, those were great additions for finding bugs. Are you ready to implement byte masking and 64 bit now? I'm starting to need that :)15:07
_franck__maxpaln: olofk : as I am curious I tested this new version of wb_bfm on my wb_altera_ddr_wrapper....17:01
_franck__as expected it found a bug :)17:02
mor1kx[mor1kx] bandvig pushed 1 new commit to withfpu:
mor1kxmor1kx/withfpu 89c4fe5 Andrey Bacherov: Rounding module is shared across FPU now.19:31
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