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stekernI'll install that on my wife's computer14:07
LimbRead that yesterday on HN. Impressive work for one person15:11
poke53282stekern: You might want to give her just a homebrew computer then. Take a lookt at:
poke53282I met this guy once on a exhibition.17:10
poke53282The CPU is similar to a MOS6502 (including a mul and div instruction) and was built fully with standard electronic parts.17:12
poke53282The magic here lies in the eeprom. What he does is mostly table lookups. For an 8 Bit Data Bus, this is possible with a few MB.17:14
stekernyeah, well, the reason I intended to install it on my wife's computer was more because of ideological reasons17:15
stekernthis is way cooler if you're going to have a homebrew cpu from standard parts anyway:
LimbThat machine would drive people mad after hearing those relays for a while17:18
poke53282:) But this might be a little bit too slow for me. Some pages of the mycpu project are even hosted on the CPU.17:18
poke53282If the sound is homogeneous, I might not care.17:19
poke53282Like a fan.17:20
LimbI wonder how fast the clock speed is17:20
stekern1 Hz iirc17:20
poke53282There is a video17:21
LimbYea I was watching it hehe17:21
poke53282I would say 10Hz17:21
poke53282But might be indeed only 1 Hz.17:22
poke53282A little bit bulky for my home.17:25
poke53282The MyCPU project uses even microcode. I was very fascinated about the design, because this was the first computer which I understood on the logic level.17:28
poke53282and just in case someone hasn't seen this yet:
jakobknwhat kind of associativity does the or1200 tlb support?20:02
stekernjakobkn: 1-way20:21
jakobknok, thanks20:37
jakobknwhat's the reasoning for not going fully associative?20:42
wallento1the comparators I suppose20:47
jakobknthat means FPGA resource limitations?21:00
jakobknMy textbooks say 1-way associativity is horrible for performance. How is it working out in the openrisc core?21:02
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olofkAhhh!!! Git, I hate you!22:08
stekernjakobkn: yes the trade-off is more complicated hardware22:13
stekernjakobkn: if you want an example of an implementation of a fully associative tlb, here's one:
olofkAnyone knows what to do here?
olofkI don't know why the stack protector is yelling at the VPI stuff22:29
olofkAnd why does it do that at link time? Isn't that just a switch to enable some compile-time stuff?22:29
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