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poke53282Hmm, strange. git compiles within 1 minutes, but seems to give me compiled shared binaries of around 15MB. And it is not C++ code. And I already subtracted the hard links.00:03
poke53282The Linux kernel needs 5 minutes to compile and in the end I have a 4MB blob.00:06
poke53282usually the ratio of compile time and the size of the binary when compiling C is pretty constant.00:08
olofk_franck__: haha. Great. Death to bugs!07:59
maxpalnolofk: byte masking actually shouldn't be that difficult at all. 64-bit is more of a challenge - mainly because my DDR3 memory interface is only 32-bit so verifying the changes will be problematic.16:26
maxpaln_franck__: that is very familiar territory for me :-)16:27
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