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stekernolofk: the BURST_LENGTH parameter doesn't have anything to do with wishbone bursts, it's the length of SDRAM bursts03:50
stekernso no wonder it stops working if you set it to 0 ;)03:50
olofkjuliusb: Ah yes. Airbnb. Didn't even think of that. Good idea for next year06:17
olofkstekern: Yeah, I get that it's for SDRAM bursts, but a comment in sdram_ctrl says 0 = full page, so I thought that could be good to get bigger chunks of data out from the SDRAM06:19
stekernolofk: ah, but didn't you read this comment too? ;)06:32
olofkstekern: Whoops :)06:55
olofkShould always do a grep -rE '(FIXME|TODO|NOTE|WARNING)' first :)06:59
olofkMaybe I shouldn't have waited until today to book the hotel.07:47
olofkWhere is everybody staying?07:48
stekernyou're even worse than me waiting until the last minute booking things ;)07:48
stekernI'm at hotel europa07:48
stekernit was expensive, 116€/night07:49
stekernbut I didn't find anything that was close and cheaper07:49
olofkstekern: Well, they only have a double superior left now, which is ~€150/night07:49
stekernexcept the theresia, but I was under the impression that all rooms were without toilet and shower, so I dismissed that07:50
olofkWell, I found hotel Montree which seems to be next door to Europa07:56
stekerndarn, that was cheaper, 97€08:00
stekernI suck at hotel hunting08:01
olofkWell, you should read the reviews :)08:02
olofkThe hotel was clean, but that was about the only good thing I can say about Hotel Montree. We asked for a non-smoking room, but we could definitely tell our room had been smoked in. The mattress in particular reeked of cigarette smoke. The door to the hallway didn't fit the door frame at all, there was about an inch wide gap at the top of our door, so we could hear EVERYTHING that went on in the hallway like it was happening in our room. The 08:02
olofksimoncook: I'll print name tags for the conference. Are your three tickets for Ed Jonas, Joern Rennecke and yourself?08:09
olofkHotel booked08:13
simoncookolofk: Four (split up in two bookings). Myself, Ed Jones, Joern Rennecke and Jeremy Bennett12:31
rahAltera has joined the Linux Foundation16:10
raham I alone in finding this odd, given their love of proprietariness?16:11
stekernrah: I don't find it any more odd than a lot of other companies that have proprietary software/hardware that are members16:34
stekernaltera are employing several people that are working on altera related things in the Linux kernel16:35
stekerne.g. socfpga and nios216:36
olofkTime flies. According to git, I started working on the first iteration on ORPSoCv3 which was later completeley rewritten and then became FuseSoC in august 2011.20:51
olofkCool. Moog werkstatt is available now. Really want one even though I feel bad that all my other instruments are just collecting dust20:53
olofkBut this time will be different of course :)20:53
rahstekern: I see21:40
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