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stekernolofk: schhh! I can't afford temptations like that right now!02:40
olofkhmm... why does all the libgloss ports use irq 13 for UART when it's set to 2 in all the verilog code?06:20
stekernI have no idea, it was news for me too06:21
stekernwhat is the default in or1ksim?06:21
olofkhmmm.. a few ligbloss ports uses 2 actually. orpsocrefdesign and ordb2a for example06:21
olofkor1ksim uses 206:21
olofkBoth the config shipped with or1ksim and the one shipped with our linux port06:21
stekernI would call that a libgloss port bug and just change it06:22
olofkyep. Seems like the best way to go06:23
olofkhmm.. what..? The libgloss file for or1ksim uses 13 too. How can that work?06:24
stekernit wasn't irq 13 for orpsocv2 neither06:24
olofkEven weirder. I would have guessed that's where it came from06:25
stekernwell, it works as long as you don't use the irq06:25
olofkFixed here. Should I put it on the mailing list, or just push it?06:52
stekernwallento is the maintainer, but as far as I'm concerned, push it and make some noise about it on the list06:59
olofkI made the noise. Can push it later07:00
olofkI'm bringing along a few extra FPGA boards if anyone wants to borrow one during the weekend08:27
olofkOk. Time to pack down the computer. See some of you later tonight. Have a safe travel09:18
olofkAnd remember to think of your hygiene. I don't want to come home with Ebola09:19
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