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poke53282Oh, I found, that someone submitted some patches for QEMU.
poke53282Valentin Manea03:34
poke53282Most of the stuff based on my emulator.03:36
poke53282Even the touchscreen.03:37
poke53282I wonder if the devices are tested.03:45
stekernpoke53282: yes, he posted to the openrisc mailing list about that before he posted them05:26
poke53282Ok, I missed that. Oh maybe I reckignized it but then forgot.05:28
poke53282It's Ok. The patches look good.05:28
poke53282The touchscreen has nothing to with openrisc. You can guess how I have chosen it :)05:29
stekernwell, neither does framebuffer, keyboard nor IDE ;)05:31
poke53282At least they have "open" in its titles.05:32
stekernis the keyboard and ide based on some opencores cores?05:35
stekernI spent the morning coding a threaded starfield demo ;)05:36
poke53282I guess so. Not sure.05:36
stekernit runs too slow on 1 core, but pretty smooth on 405:37
poke53282we won't see a parallelized Mandelbrot zoom calculation?05:37
stekernI actually tried compiling xaos yesterday05:37
stekernbut it was to cumbersome05:38
stekernit didn't understand cross-compiling at all05:38
stekernI could of course fix the one I have to be parallell05:39
poke53282then just try to add CC=.... If the program is simple it will work.05:39
poke53282Ok, I have booked a hotel room. Hotel Pension Theresia-Regina. I will arrive at the main station of Munich at around 3:30PM.05:41
poke53282After a ten hour flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt and an 3 hour train ride.05:42
stekernxaos is not simple05:43
stekernit picks up the compiler correctly, but nothing else05:44
stekerndid you get the rooms for 30€ there?05:45
poke53282no, 50 Euro05:46
poke53282I want my own WC and shower this time.05:46
stekerndid they have rooms with that?05:47
poke53282As an exception I don't care this time.05:47
poke53282rooms with lavatories05:47
poke53282for some reason I don't pay 59 Euro, but 50 Euro.05:48
stekernwhy is the single room price more expensive than the double room price?05:48
poke53282per person?05:48
poke53282not sure05:48
poke53282I  have stay awake after I arrive for at least 6 more hours. This is the second worst part of such a travel.05:50
poke53282probably no free wifi.05:51
stekernis there even non-free wifi?05:51
stekernyou have 13 hours of sleeping behind you then, no problem ;)05:52
poke53282not in Germany. But I am get used to it in Vancouver. It is so easy to find a free wifi.05:52
poke53282But there is something called "eduroam" wifi. When you are a student or work for a university, you get free access wordwide at each university.05:53
stekernit's the same in finland and sweden, hotels without free wifi is pretty much unheard of05:53
poke53282When you are at a university check for this id. Most of the time you will find such a wifi id.05:53
stekernbut I had free wifi in the small ~35 person hotel I stayed in last I was in germany05:54
poke53282stekern: Germans are afraid. There is something called "Mitstoererhaftung"05:54
poke53282"accomplice" maybe is best translation.05:55
poke53282That means that you can partly make responsible what people do with your free wifi.05:55
poke53282Yes, I had the feeling. In cheaper hotels you have a higher chance for free wifi.05:55
poke53282It is stupid in Germany. It works everywhere else in the world.05:56
poke53282Ok, wifi where you have to login is possible in Germany.05:58
poke53282But really free wifi like at Starbucks you probably won't find.05:58
stekernyes, I was speaking about free as in no cost05:59
poke53282this is rare but you can find it.06:00
poke53282At the whole university in Canada where I am, everyone has free access. No login, you just have to say Ok to a disclaimer.06:01
poke53282Finally also Frankfurt has free internet for one hour.06:02
poke53282Frankfurt airport I mean.06:03
poke53282I think this the third biggest airport in europe.06:03
stekernafter submitting your e-mail iirc06:03
poke53282Not sure, if they need your email.06:04
stekerntegel is at least the worst airport in the world06:09
stekern...that I've been to06:10
poke53282Yes, you are right. Tegel is terrible. And a shame for the main city of Germany.06:11
poke53282They have build a new one.06:11
poke53282But it is not open yet.06:12
poke53282The question is if we and others should meet on Friday for a german beer and bavarian cuisine :)06:13
stekernthe best I've been to is singapore06:13
stekernyes, I think there are some plans for beer and salty food among us that arrive on friday06:14
poke53282Vancouver airport is nice, but nothing special.  Was never in Singapore.06:15
stekernanother anecdote from my last visit in german, me and the collegue went to eat at some restaurant where there was no english menus and no english speaking staff. we managed to figure out something that sounded like bread from the starters menu and signed that we wanted two of those. the waitress looked suspicously at us and asked "zwei?" and we answered "yes, yes"06:21
stekernwhen the starters arrived, it turned out that one plate would have been enough for 4 people...06:22
poke53282:) Yes, that can happen everywhere. Normally Germans understand english. We learn it in school for at least 6 years. But people forget.06:24
poke53282bread -> Brot06:24
poke53282I hope they packed the rest for you :)06:26
stekernyes, it was exactly what we thought it was, it was just that we didn't get the amount of it ;)06:27
poke53282First link was wrong06:28
poke53282I would suggest that you make an offline copy of this list.06:29
poke53282Ok, that's enough for today. Figured out, that my emulator runs faster on m pad with an ARM CPU than on my Core-i7. I don't have a clue why. That makes no sense. Something I am doing wrong or right.07:15
olofkhaha. JavaScript has become insane07:20
poke53282the optimization effort which is put into Javascript to optimize it is insane.07:21
poke53282at least four companies with big teams working on it.07:22
olofkYeah, that's what I really meant with insane. Has any other language gotten the same treatment?07:22
olofkWhat would happen if the same thing was done to python for example07:22
poke53282Not that I know.07:23
poke53282is python typed?07:24
olofkI think so, but I'm not entirely sure of the definition of typed07:25
poke53282But it is interesting, that such a language like Javascript can indeed reach speeds which are not that far away  from native compiled C code.07:25
poke53282("1" == 1) => true07:25
poke53282no ints, only doubles for examples. But you are allowed to do logical operations with the lower 32 Bits.07:26
poke53282But what is currently done with Javascript is really really insane. They should develop a new web language.07:27
poke53282But maybe, that is the only feature, that is unique for each browser.07:28
poke53282So cannot change how a website looks, and have to follow standards.07:29
poke53282So, how to sell such a product. This is difficult.07:29
poke53282When there is no difference between the browsers.07:29
poke53282But at least with their Javascript engines, they can argue.07:30
poke53282But why the hell is my PAD faster than my Intel CPU. Ok, I go to bed now. Hopefully, the answer will come in my dream. :)07:31
olofkThey _have_ made new languages. Tons of them. Rust, Java applets, Dart, Flash... just that the browsers can't agree on which languages to support07:46
olofkArrgghh! I'm going to kill whoever came up with that stupid FuseSoC crap!09:03
olofkoh wait....never mind09:03
sb0olofk, just use misoc09:49
sb0writing anything, and especially socs, in verilog is a bad idea09:49
stekernsb0: well, that's what fusesoc (as well as misoc) is out to prevent10:07
olofksb0: misoc is so bloated ;)11:08
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sb0olofk, how so?15:10
sb0you can run misoc/lm32 on lx415:19
poke53282Slept, No dream. Checked again. Still the same result.17:33
olofksb0: Yeah, I was just kidding18:57
olofkstekern: I'm running some simulations now on my SoC and it looks like the bottle neck is that I have to wait quite a long time to get data from the SDRAM. Does that sound reasonable? Can I do something to improve that?19:08
olofkHmm.. can I tell gcc to align my buffer better?19:13
olofkRight now gcc has put it on 0x4a7c, which is a really bad match for the sdram controller19:14
olofkJust getting it to 0x4a80 would probably do wonders for performance19:14
olofkLooks like it's __attribute__((aligned(0x1000))) I was looking for19:18
olofkUnfortunately this seems to break the application19:19
olofkAligning to 0x100 instead helped. (why?)19:20
olofkAnd why can I never learn how to measure distance between two markers in gtkwave?19:24
olofkNah.. that didn't help very much actually19:28
olofkIs SDRAM really that slow, or am I holding it wrong?19:30
olofkstekern: Does the BURST_LENGTH parameter in wb_sdram_ctrl have to match the burst length from mor1kx? I set BURST_LENGTH (0) and it stopped working19:35
olofkaha.. the SDRAM was running at 50MHz in my simulations. Setting it to 100MHz helped quite a lot20:10
olofkNow I can saturate the I/O bandwidth. Nice20:11
olofkCompiling with -O2 to avoid some unnecessary memory accesses increased the bandwidth for the streamer even more20:37
olofkSo all in all I went from ~8us to ~3us for streaming 64 words from memory20:38
olofkHas anyone done FFT in FPGA? Is that sensible thing to accelerate?20:44
olofkLooks like I found a nice one20:46
olofkIs doing FFT in software on OpenRISC a really really bad idea, or should I try that first?20:53
juliusbcan't advise olofk 20:58
juliusbwish I could, I never got into DSP as much as I thought I would20:59
juliusbhey so I'm wondering, who else from here is around in Munich on Friday night?20:59
juliusbThere's dinner plans afoot right?20:59
olofkjuliusb: Nice to see you around20:59
juliusbyeah I never am anymore :(21:00
juliusbstupid dayjob21:00
olofkYes, I think that wallento has planned something21:00
olofkYeah, same here. I wish I could hack on OpenRISC instead...oh wait... that's what I'm doing :)21:00
juliusbwell it's the Paulaner Brauhaus in Munich at 19:30 but if you want to come (and you don't know if you are already) you should email olofk, wallento or myself so we can book21:00
juliusbbut the more the merrier :)21:00
olofkAmen that21:01
juliusbpoke53282: are you in Munich on Friday night?21:01
olofkTime to sleep now. Tomorrow I'll book the hotel21:04
poke53282juliusb: Yes21:05
poke53282Arrovomg around 3:30PM at the mein station21:05
poke53282Arriving around 3:30PM at the main station.21:08
juliusbnice one21:08
juliusbI've AirBnB'd it. I should have thought about this in advance, and gotten a big apartment we could have shared :-/ Oh well21:08
juliusbNext year :)21:08
poke53282:) Big apartment sounds good.21:09
poke53282Well I arrive directly from Vancouver.21:11
poke53282So Saturday would have been tough.21:12
juliusbah you'll be in good shape for a night out, I know I always am after flying a long way east :)21:12
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