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stekernolofk: your mt48lc16m16a2 wrapper breaks wb_sdram_ctrl simulations04:39
stekernif someone with a de0 nano wants to try out some dual-core action:05:05
olofkstekern: Oops. Forgot to add the extra dependencies to wb_sdram_ctrl. Will remove the `include as well10:51
olofkah no... it's in mt48 I should add them11:12
olofkScrew this sql nonsense. It seems to be/my SQL skills are extremly ill suited for my tasks17:21
olofkUnleash the mother of ugly python hacks!17:22
olofkHmm.. did I just implement a crappy version of gprof?18:18
olofkWhat's those arch_local_(save/restore)_(irq/flags)? Are they called before/after every interrupt?18:30
stekernolofk: they are used to turn off/on interrupts19:10
stekernand the kernel do that in 'critical sections'19:11
stekerni.e.: usigned flags = arch_local_save_flags(); arch_local_irq_restore(0); do_critical(); arch_local_irq_restore(flags);19:13
stekerns/usigned/unsigned long19:14
stekernolofk: I think you pushed your fix to the wrong branch19:25
olofkfuck :(19:27
olofkGood thing I got insane git skills now19:28
olofkThanks for noticing19:33
olofkI'm looking at the asm for arch_local_irq_restore ( Do we really need to save r2 here, or could we have used another register like r13 that we didn't need to save?19:46
olofkr13 = arbitrary temporary register19:47
-!- FreezingAlt is now known as FreezingCold19:52
stekernyeah, wonder why gcc picks that20:06
olofkAccording to my statistics, that function is number six on the list over where the CPU spends cycles, so removing two out of twelve instructions should make some difference at least20:31
olofkDoes anyone else have problems with the dropbox web interface? It never seems to finish loading20:36
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