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stekern_franck__: I've tried something like that before and came to the conclulsion - don't try to do anything fancy in verilog, it won't work02:57
stekernbecause, even if you get it to work, you'll find some stupid tool that it doesn't work with a month later...02:57
stekernfor instance, this does works perfectly fine in ISE:
stekernbut modelsim can't handle it at all, so I had to open code that loop for it to be satisfied...03:01
stekernyour 'ugly' way of doing might actually work in modelsim though03:05
stekernargh - *it*03:05
stekernwhich isn't more ugly than the defparam way I used there03:06
_franck_web_olofk: about my https/proxy issue. It does work in python 3.3. I've never see that before because I may have checked out files using python 3.3 and then made tests with python 2.7....11:36
_franck_web_so I won't implement anything in fusesoc to make it work with python 2.7 behind a proxy11:37
stekernhmm, I suspect I broke something with this...
stekernor more correctly, I didn't cover all the possible cases18:10
olofkHas anyone made a generic wishbone memory except for ram_wb?18:36
olofkI need something that can be mapped to spartan6 block ram, and ram_wb fails because it has async data output18:36
stekernhuh, I used that as an SRAM on the sockit18:38
olofkWell, xst can't do anything useful with it18:40
olofkSo I figured this would be a good time to finally implement a wb memory with switchable backends for different FPGAs18:41
stekernthere is many things xst can't do useful things with18:42
olofkTrue that18:42
stekernso I think that ^, is the needed follow up to my wb_intercon breaking commit18:42
olofkthat code is barely readable, so reviewing a patch takes some time :)18:43
olofkShould had rewritten that a while ago18:43
olofkHmm.. but I think I see what you're doing there18:43
stekernthe whole point is, a wb_mux is now always generated, even if there is only one slave18:43
stekernwhich IMO is the right thing(tm) to do18:44
olofkYeah, and I remember you mentioned that in your original commit. I agree that it's correct, and as a bonus it makes the code slightly less complicated18:44
stekernand the point of the first commit was to fix a bug when there was only one master connecting to one slave, then there would be no connections at all made between them18:45
stekernI just didn't think about all the other cases when there are several masters connecting to only one slave :/18:45
olofkDon't have time to make a thorough review, but feel free to push it if you consider it tested18:45
stekern...which I *think* is now considered in the follow up patch18:46
stekernI'll test it a bit more, to not extend my shame any further ;)18:46
olofkUltimately I would like the test bench to generate a few different combinations from .conf files and run tests on them, but it will be a bit complicated to manage that18:48
olofkRight now it only runs unit tests on the arbiter and mux separately18:48
olofkhmm.. might be easier with a systemC test bench18:48
olofkOh well. That's for the future18:49
stekernyes, that would be good18:49
stekernolofk: btw, shouldn't this be [`clog2(num_slaves+1)-1:0]19:00
stekernactually, no... it's correct for all values, except num_slaves=119:06
stekernhmm, but does that matter? is [-1:0] a valid vector?19:20
stekernit's ugly though...19:50
stekernperhaps something like this:19:50
stekernlocalparam slave_sel_bits = num_slaves > 1 ? `clog2(num_slaves) : 1;19:50
stekernwire [slave_sel_bits-1:0]  slave_sel;19:50
stekernI pushed that + the multimaster, single slave patch20:14
stekernI have a working verilator part of a mor1kx-generic system now too20:16
stekernwhich thought me that verilator will turn $time into a systemc libcall20:20
olofkDoes that libcall thing have any consequences?21:29
juliusbhey fellas21:31
juliusblong time21:31
juliusbyou guys have been busy!21:32
juliusbI need to catch up :(21:32
olofkHi juliusb. Finally out of jail now?21:32
juliusbgoing to do another ChipHack in May, so I guess I'll need to be on top of it by then21:32
juliusbno, jail decided to promote me and I think they're expecting even more, but more fool them21:33
juliusbyou guys got windows 7 running on mor1kx yet?21:34
olofkjuliusb: No. We've concetrated on OS2/Warp. It is the future of computing21:34
juliusbOf course.21:36
juliusbI've been getting contacted a bit lately about some OpenRISC stuff21:36
olofkAh. Interesting. Commercial, academical or hobby stuff?21:36
juliusbI'm going to get more info, but it sounds like he wants to bankroll a team to do an OR1K-based SoC for use in low cost OLPC-like e-readers, aimed at school kids initially21:37
olofkSounds like a great project21:38
juliusbwell, if only I had 2 lives, i'd jump at it!21:38
juliusbbut if I can't, I know others who might like to...21:38
olofkWell you know where to guide him if he wants top notch consultants with OpenRISC experience21:38
juliusbanyway, I like their motivation, they have the right idea, wanting to use as much open source stuff as possible21:39
juliusboh yeah, I mean, if this thing goes ahead I know who to point him to21:40
juliusbwhat are you doing these days olofk ?21:40
juliusbrearing your young and hacking?21:40
_franck__hi juliusb, nice to see you here21:40
olofkMostly heroin and coke21:40
juliusb_franck__: you too! Did we convince everybody that we should have ORCONF by the seaside where you are this year?21:41
olofkNo, but I'm mostly involved with FuseSoC (was ORPSoCv3) together with _franck__ and stekern21:41
juliusbI noticed the rename, makes sense21:42
_franck__juliusb: I bet you like south of france as you insist on this ;)21:42
juliusbit's warmer and sunnier than the UK!21:43
_franck__for sure21:43
olofkNot to mention Sweden21:43
_franck__we can do that during summer/fall and then have some barbecue at the beach21:44
juliusbmaybe we do that anyway? ;)21:44
_franck__We have a small conference room so that would be a big organization for me to find a place and stuff21:46
_franck__and I'm better at hacking21:46
juliusbah it's called, I believe Stefan Wallentowitz was going to try and arrange it as his uni?21:47
juliusbOK, break time's over, back to my cell. Hopefully they let me out tomorrow and I can talk to you then!21:53
olofkDon't drop the soap, and we'll see you later21:54
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