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stekernolofk: the consequences are that you need to do the verilator tb with systemc02:52
stekernit's only used for debug printouts when the caches are turned on in mor1kx, I consider just removing those02:53
stekernhmm... this is interesting, I've found a bug in libgloss crt0.S, but I'm baffled how it haven't been exposed earlier03:58
stekern_board_mem_base ends up in .bss, but bss is cleared later03:58
stekernso, sp (r1) can obtain random values there03:59
stekernit's easily noticable when running icarus simulations, since _board_mem_base will be x's at line 25904:00
olofk_Should we do another teleconf in May? It's halfway between orconf's08:22
stekernsure, why not08:25
olofk_Any news on the binutils upstreaming?08:49
stekernI think the bureaucracy ball is rolling09:04
stekernI sent away my snail mail monday09:04
olofk_Has everyone sent their mails?09:56
stekernno idea, it's only me and blueCmd that has mentioned that they've got the e-mail09:57
olofkstekern: So you mean that $time turns into systemC code even though verilator is used with --cc?18:22
olofkstekern: As you've been working on ISE support too, I thought I could show you my IseSection before I push it to see if I should add anything more19:12
olofkHmm.. how do I edit a commit when I have other commits after that? I tried to checkout an older commit, but apparently this puts me in 'detached HEAD' state which sounds extremely frightening19:16
olofkHa! I made it with git rebase --interactive19:20
olofkgit is fun!19:20
olofk_franck__: can't find fusesoc.verilog after I applied your patches. Did I miss something?20:40
olofkhm... there are more changes that need to be done in simulator.py20:42
olofkWe really should start working on the regression test suite :/20:43
olofkThink I got it fixed now, but there's a warning when I run fusesoc21:02
olofkQuick hack -->
olofkA better solution would avoid exposing VerilogSection in simulator.py21:04
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