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stekernblueCmd: haha, I love moments like that! ;)05:58
olofkblueCmd: Haha. I like the people you party with :)06:00
blueCmdolofk: stekern: :D09:47
rfajardohello, is linux still only compilable with or32-linux or or1k-elf compilers?11:07
rfajardoAre these the ones available at svn?11:24
blueCmdstekern: olofk: I got documents that I need to sign and snail mail to FSF18:06
blueCmdexpect the same if you haven't already got them18:06
olofkblueCmd: Why would I get them?18:13
stekernroland d-110 must have the worst user interface in the world...18:27
* stekern is the OT master18:28
stekernswitching rooms for my computers/electronic junk here in the basement and got inspired to play with that when I was moving it18:30
stekernbut now I remember why I put it away, it's impossible to understand how it works18:30
blueCmdolofk: you wouldn't :P I'm just confused18:37
_franck__olofk: do you know why in Launcher, subprocess.check_call never goes to except OSError ? When I do some tests with verilator, I get except subprocess.CalledProcessError with a return code of 2 (when I have bad arguments) or 127 when verilator is not found.19:09
_franck__this are bash error codes (
_franck__is this because of shell=True ?19:10
olofkstekern: I had to look it up. This is what has to say about it21:51
olofkIt has a confusing synthesis / editing method composed of tones, partials and timbres. Basically it all boils down to tricky programming which, if you know what your doing, can have interesting and unique results.21:51
olofkSo at least you're not alone in thinking that :)21:52
olofk_franck__: I think you're right. It's probably because of shell=True21:53
olofkI couldn't figure out how to do it any other way. The verilator binary is a really weird perl script21:56
olofkI even did a unit test case to figure out why it wouldn't accept any command line arguments with shell=False21:57
olofkYou can play with it here
olofkMaybe we should treat CalledProcessError with code 127 the same way as an OSError when shell=True22:03
olofkThat is probably only valid for bash though22:03
olofkStill, it might be a little better than what we have now22:04
olofkOr we could always launch verilator with sh instead. I assume that it's available everywhere, and that way we know which shell that was used22:06
blueCmdolofk: do you know of hdl-make?22:11
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