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olofkcores can now generate .a files that verilator picks up08:50
olofkNow I just need to clean up the patch08:50
olofkok, I probably just made all the pull requests invalid for fusesoc09:14
olofkPlease test and report09:15
olofkCrap... I might have broken C++/SystemC test benches. Didn't test that :(09:26
stekernthe only really interesting ones ;)09:43
joaocfernandesgood morning09:44
olofkjoaocfernandes: Morning09:47
olofkstekern: I always do my testbenches in Excel, so I didn't notice09:48
olofkMaybe this is a good time to dust off that old pull request from Jose that adds a systemC testbench09:48
olofkWell, I can confirm that there are a bunch of bugs here10:00
olofkNothing major though. Got a slightly changed vers├âion of de0nano_sim running  now10:16
joaocfernandesolofk, if there is something i can help with i been playing with that system10:26
blueCmdd/ws 212:27
stekernno, r2d2 was his name14:40
olofkblueCmd: Does someone need to update his password? :)16:10
blueCmdolofk: haha17:03
blueCmdolofk: nah, /ws 2 is how I switch to window 2 in irssi :P17:03
stekernalt+2 is taken by something else?17:05
blueCmdstekern: /ws works with other things such as names17:06
blueCmdand using alt for things up to 9 and /ws for things above requires thought :)17:06
stekernand then ctrl+n after that ;)17:10
stekernbut you're right, what's etched in to your brain is hard to change17:11
_franck__olofk: I needed this to make last fusesoc to work:
olofk_franck__: Is that still needed with the patch I just pushed?20:46
_franck__I can't test right now. However, I would say yes. In my case (IIRC) source files from the system core are not exported to ..../src20:51
olofkah ok20:53
olofkWe're getting close to the point now when it's hard to know if there are any regressions for every patch. Should have done a test suite from the beginning :/20:54
_franck__it's may be not to late21:00
blueCmdolofk: I was at a party today and there was a guy woroking as an SRE at Amazon there. Turns out he had been doing a bit of work and shown som interest (apparently spoke with you poke53281 by email). It was pretty nice when he said 'Apparently it has Debian now as well'23:57
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