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maxpalnHi, I have a customer who wants to download everything necessary to build and deploy my ORSOC work09:08
maxpalnSo I think they need: the ORPSOC v2 distribution (we'll start there - I haven't tested my work against v3 yet), the or1k tool chain and the Linux distribution09:09
maxpalnis that right?09:09
maxpalnOk, going to refere them here which seems to cover the GNU Tool chain:
olofk_franck_: Thanks for the patches. Both are applied, but I had some comments on one of them21:15
_franck_ok great21:18
olofkthose patches makes fusesoc so much better than orpsocv3 :)21:22
_franck_of course but, only you, me and stekern know that fusesoc exist :)21:23
_franck_that will be a problem for the next few years21:23
olofk_franck_: I bought last week21:25
olofkI'm hoping to have time to put up a website there. That might help spreading the name a bit21:26
_franck_olofk: if you have some time to review/test:
_franck_this how core section must be now:
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