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_franck_olofk: what kind of syntax is used in capi.txt ?21:49
olofk_franck_: asciidoc21:50
olofkI've tested the patch btw. Seems to work fine after I changed tb.cpp in or1200-generic a little bit21:50
_franck_ok great. But first I would like to make simulator implementation a bit more unified (Icarus, Modelsim & Verialtor)21:53
olofkI saw that it was called wip, so I guessed that you wanted to work a bit more on it21:55
_franck_how are we going to handle capi modifications from orpsoc to fusesoc with a common orpsoc-cores directory21:55
_franck_I think we sould say goodbye to orpsoc on the openrisc github21:56
olofkstekern said the same thing. I remove it straight away21:56
olofkI guess we have to freeze capi 1 soon, and only add backwards compatible changes21:58
olofkIf bigger things need to change they will have to go in capi 221:58
olofkorpsoc is gone now22:00
wkoszekWill you guys join #gsoc this Friday?22:31
wkoszekIt'd be good to understand why OpenRISC wasn't picked for GSoC so that the next year it could qualify22:31
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