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floznHello guys! I still have problems to use minsoc for my Digilent Atlys board. There is some kind of meta-stable behaviour. There were many minsoc-builds which worked fine (cpu test fails but rest is working) and negligible changes in HDL code lead to CPU and/or Bus failing.17:11
floznIn the last days I tried to port the settings of orpsocv2/Atlys port to minsoc. Now, or1200, ethmac, clkgen, constraints are copied.17:11
floznThe only difference beside the arbiter is that minsoc builds one .ngc file for each IP-core (multiple .xst calls). Orpsocv2 calls xst only once but with a xst constraint file (which is not used in minsoc)! Is it possible, this is the reason for orpsocv2 working (50MHz) and minsoc struggling (even with 25MHz)?17:11
flozn(Try to synth minsoc with 50MHz: par error -> some internal adress signals of or1200 could not be routed successfully)17:13
flozn(In the next days I will try to append xst constraint files for each IP-core)17:21
floznnoone time to talk? ;)18:57
veprblflozn: why do you want to use minisoc?19:12
floznwell, at first it seemed to be the best out-of-the-box solution with complete software-example and nice testbenches. for my problem orpsocv2 seems kind of to much. now i have the software for minsoc working fine (with c++)...19:19
veprblif you suspect some build process related problem then maybe you can try factor it out by building everything manually (use ISE for example)19:20
floznthat sounds like an option!19:21
flozn(sry for bad english - not my mothertongue ;) )19:22
veprblyour english is great19:22
flozndo you think the separation of the ip-cores could be the reason?19:22
flozn(multiple xst calls)19:22
veprblto be honest I have no idea. I'd like to think that xilinx has got their software to a decent state.19:24
veprblif stay here longer someone might come up with better idea/insight19:27
veprbls/if/if you/19:27
flozni think the same but afaik this is the only difference in my system. all syn/par parameter are transfered to minsoc. the only thing missing in minsoc is a xst constraint file. and this file doesn't fit to all ip-cores (different signal names). at orpsocv2 one xst constraint file is enough because of the "signal tracking".19:27
veprblyou mean .ucf constraint file?19:29
floznno! there is another constraint file.19:29
flozn(it contains only raw input clk period constraint and reset tig)19:30
flozni thought that someone maybe know whether it is worth to insert the specific .xcf files in minsoc or merge all xst calls to one.19:34
veprblI don't see how that would matter. Joining few existing netlists should be a pretty straightforward process.19:34
floznyou mean xst does not care about the constraints in .xcf and just forward them to the following stages (ngdbuild,...) ?19:36
veprblwhere exactly xcf reside? there are some ucf's and no xcf in minsoc repo19:45
floznyes. minsoc does not contain any xcf files. only orpsocv2 uses one with "-uc orpsoc.xcf" at the xst call.19:46
flozn(first line of orpsoc.xcf: "# Autogenerated XST .prj file")19:47
veprblyes I saw it19:47
floznwell, i may try to change the xst calls in minsoc...19:48
veprblso again your problem was that minsoc won't synthesize with 50mhz constraint?19:49
floznyes. but even with 25mhz it fails the cpu test and does not build reliable (some .bit files work, others not, while neglible changes of the verilog code).19:50
floznso i think the atlys board wants some more constraints in minsoc than other (supported) boards.19:50
flozn(the build problems also occur without my wishbone slave)19:53
veprblit is not like you have to specify system clock constraints19:54
veprbljust synthesize something and look at fmax19:54
floznok! well, without constraints the or1200 cpu just reaches 42.5mhz in my configuration (with original minsoc/dev or1200 hdl-directory)19:56
veprbland how does it work?19:58
floznthis is from the log of a 25mhz build, which works fine.19:58
floznand as i saw, 40.6mhz with the or1200 files of orpsocv2.19:58
floznthe cpu/bus problems occur also if "all constraints met" is written by par. :/19:59
floznbut if i understood it right, the xst log shows up to which frequency the generated netlists can be used. because there are no values below 25mhz, at least the 25mhz minsoc should work!20:03
floznthe clock/reset generation are the same and the ucf constraints are the same (signal names changed torwards to minsoc)  as orpsocv220:07
veprbland what exactly is your test that fails?20:07
floznthat differs between: cpu not stalled, crc error, and "no error" (without selftest) but than gdb stucks at 0x000 or 0x100 ...20:08
veprblyou mean your debugger doesn't work?20:09
floznanother thing differing between minsoc and orpsocv2 is the jtag tap: in minsoc i use the bscan module instead of a generic tap20:09
veprblwell, this is an important part20:10
flozni may wrote not exact: the debugger shows me "sigint" or similar exception after loading content in, set $pc=0x100 and continuing20:10
floznyou mean the jtag tap leads to the problems?20:10
veprblof course! this is the first suspect20:11
flozn... shame on me20:11
floznhm ...20:11
veprbldo they both use dbg_if?20:13
floznso i will make another debug wire and check the 25mhz minsoc with generic tap. if this works reliable i may try to insert the .xcf constraints to get netlists which allow over 40mhz20:13
floznminsoc: advanced debug interface20:13
veprblthen what jtag adapter are you using with orpsocv2?20:13
floznmy desktop pc: advanced debug bridge and openocd (both fail. i reached just one case where only openocd works)20:14
floznah. stop. i didn't started orpsocv2 until now. i relied on the successful results of stekern20:15
veprblthe tap itself is not as important as debug module20:15
floznok. in another irc session someone told me advanced debug interface is reliable20:16
floznbut may this was wrong20:16
veprbland it is, but if it never worked for you how do you know that you're doing it right?20:16
flozni don't know! in the minsoc wiki is written, the cpu self test does not work 100% due to different or1200 versions. so i did not give much about the failing cpu test as long as the soc works.20:18
veprbldon't mind the cpu. try writing/reading memory20:20
flozndo you think i shall try the dbg_if module instead of adgb_top before changing the jtag tap?20:20
floznmemory reading and writing is ok in at least half of the bitfiles. but thats not the yield i expect  ;) ...20:21
veprbland when it works everything else is working?20:23
floznbut wait!20:24
floznone time there was a strange error in proven c++ code. i examined every asm line and could not find any error. but the some hard-exception (sigint,busint,... ? dont know anymore, sry) occured.20:25
floznbut 99% yes.20:25
veprblthats enough. so it is working20:26
floznso now there is a problem of the debug interface or the tap?!20:26
veprblfor both orpsocv2 and minsoc you had one time when it loaded your program and execution worked well? if yes then both jtag-if and tap should be ok.20:29
floznas mentioned above i did not load any program into orpsocv2. i relied on the experiences of stefan kristiansson.20:31
floznmaybe i shall append some constraints to the adgb interface which the dgb_if not needs?20:32
veprblyou don't need any time constraints for your generic minisoc design20:35
veprblso there was that one time when you loaded a program into your minisoc system and it worked?20:37
floznthere are bitfiles which work fine20:37
flozn(but cpu test fails ...)20:37
veprblwork fine but cpu test fails? how is that fine?20:38
floznok, than i misunderstood you above. i though only the memory test is really necessary20:39
flozni got one bitfile of minsoc where all self-tests work. but not with the i2c-core.20:40
flozn(i could not find an exakt cause. so i think there is problem in the build process / constraining. while appending some things in my own wishbone slave the bitfiles switch between ok/non-ok )20:41
veprblnot with i2c core synthesized or not with i2c test?20:42
floznnot with i2c core synthesized20:43
veprblif you don't need i2c turn it off now20:46
floznyou mean the system is only correctly synthesized if the cpu test passes?20:46
flozni did.20:47
veprblso you do these changes that break the system. what are they?20:48
floznyou condensed the problem right ;) . i have a lot of backup-versions. but i was searching for a way to get a reliable configuration. i started two times at the working example and added verilog code which can not be the reason (only some more fsm states). and such small changes lead to the broken bitfile.20:50
floznof course there may be an error inserted by me in the last days of trying but i think this is a structural problem like syn/par or as you say dbg/tap.20:51
veprblforget about dbg/tap for now20:52
veprblyou say that your changes can not be the reason. why do you think so?20:53
floznwell, these are small changes which are verified by icarus verilog simulator. and they e.g. do not lead to increased frequency.20:55
floznand the 64kb sram changed a working bitfile into a broken bitfile.20:55
veprblwas it a resize?20:56
floznthan i started to change the xilinx tools parameters torwards to orpsocv2. they are nearly default whereas minsoc has some specific options set.20:57
floznresize: i changed in minsoc_defines the MEMORY_ADR_WIDTH to 1420:57
veprblsidenote: changing ALL variables at the same time is often a not very efficient debug practice20:58
floznhehe, of course ;). i changed only one at a time. i build the minsoc hundred times ...20:59
veprbland after that resize you couldn't anymore connect to jtag?21:01
floznthe behaviour varied quite arbitrary between cpu not stalled, crc error, sram error, ok21:02
veprblyou use OpenOCD? adv_jtag_bridge?21:04
flozni tried both21:04
veprblcpu not stalled, crc error, sram error, ok - those come from jtag software?21:05
floznonly *one* bitfile was accessable only by openocd. all others either by both or not at all21:05
veprbland one bitfile could produce all of the above errors?21:06
floznno. each bitfile results in its specific error. but it  seems to me the kind of the error varies quite arbitrary. "all constraints are met" is printed always!21:08
veprblhow do you load your bitfiles?21:10
flozngdb: file [...] , tar rem :9999 , load , set $pc=0x100, c21:10
flozn, = enter21:10
veprblI mean fpga bit files21:11
floznsry! impact21:11
veprblvia jtag?21:11
floznvia another(!) usb cable21:11
floznthe atlys board contains a usb-jtag converter which is needed by impact and not supported by adgb_bridge/openocd21:12
veprbland they share tap pins with ft2232?21:13
floznand: very strange - i used a long, unshielded cable for programming bitfile at first. than the same bitfile sometimes worked, sometimes not. after changing to a short and shielded usb-cable each bitfile behaves always the same.21:13
floznft2232 directly accesses the jtag-lanes from spartan-6. the onboard usb-jtag converter accesses the same lanes. i connect and disconnect the usb-cables for bitfile programming respective gdb21:14
floznso i have to use the bscan jtag tag with the jtag header on the board (which i use at the moment with ft2232). orpsocv2 uses the gpio pins of another header and route the jtag-signals of the generic tap to them21:16
veprblhow long is the cable to ft2232?21:17
floznthe jtag wires below 10cm, the usb cable 1.5m (but quite thick/shielded)21:18
floznyou mean this could be the problem?21:19
veprblby the way. sram is in fpga crystal or there is some external chip?21:19
floznin fpga. synthesized with blockram21:20
veprbldid you try to initialize it with image?21:20
floznthe ram? i did not tried until now. the blockrams i use in my own wb-slave are initialized with zero. the line "defparam blockram.INIT_00" is not supported (in icarus it works fine).21:22
veprbltry doing this. if you have uart then you will be able to confirm that cpu is alive21:23
floznthats a great idea!21:23
veprbldo you know how to obtain hex from elf file?21:23
floznso i can exclude the tap and dbg interface from being the cause of the problem21:23
flozni think with the objdump tool or not?21:24
floznhow do i initialize the ram without using the "defparam blockram.INIT_xx" command? the synthesis doesn't allow them21:25
flozndo i have to use rom and a small bootloader? this would also be a big effort  (compare to trying other dgb/tap) ...21:27
veprblI do this with or1k-elf-objcopy and then do "xxd -p -c 4 program.bin > program.hex". $readmemh will eat that21:27
veprblno. whatever elf file you loaded via jtag will do21:28
floznso initializing the ram is not an option? the bitfile should "simply" contain a .hex file .21:30
veprblyou need to somehow tell bitgen to initialize your onchip memory with the contents of that file21:33
veprblin minsoc block ram resides somewhere in minsoc/rtl/verilog/minsoc_onchip_ram_top.v21:34
floznyes, just studying it ;)21:34
veprblyou will need to put $readmemh statement somewhere21:34
floznand i found some information at
floznand this is read by bitgen?21:34
veprbluse orpsocv2/rtl/verilog/ram_wb/ram_wb.v for reference21:34
floznsounds like a simulation function?!21:34
floznin \orpsocv2\rtl\verilog\ram_wb\ram_wb_b3.v the $readmemh seems to be only for simulation21:36
floznthere is a solution in "I want my design to automatically initialize my firmware on power-up, how do I do that?" of minsoc faq.21:37
flozni will try this at first! hopefully the dbg interface/ jtag tap is the reason. i searched a long time and think it would be nice if minsoc would work now.21:38
veprblyes it is and in ram_wb it is intended for simulation but if you ommit those "// synthesis translate_off" it will autmagically work21:38
floznvery nice feature :)21:39
veprblif you use isim there is a way to check that everything initialized correctly. there is some kind of memory inspector.21:40
floznyou mean or1k-sim?21:40
veprblxilinx isim21:40
floznno, i just use the icarus verilog simulator21:41
floznbut the inspector sounds nice21:41
floznok. i think this is enough input for today :)21:44
veprblxilinx has some tool to generate "proper" memory initialization files, but I didn't try it21:44
floznif there is one, i will find it in the next days :) !21:44
floznthanks alot(!!) for your great patience!!21:45
veprblyou're welcome!21:45
floznas you see, there are alot of things which could be the reason. some are more others are less likely ;)21:46
flozndid you have used minsoc in the past? if yes, above 25mhz?21:47
veprblI've booted orpsocv2 last november, and it was a little bit above 25. Since then I've replaced or1200 with mor1kx and now it is somewhere around 80-90 i think.21:51
floznthats an improvement.21:51
floznaltera or xilinx device?21:51
veprblIt's not like my merit)21:51
floznok ;)21:52
veprblmor1kx is also a great help with saving some area21:53
veprblas well as switching to adv_dbg_if21:54
floznyou switched to it?21:54
floznwell. than i want to thank you again! for all the input and critical questions which hopefully lead to solving my "everlasting minsoc problem" :)21:57
veprblyeah. You shouldn't really think that this is something beyond your reach.21:58
floznthanks for the supporting words! ;)21:59
floznthan i would say goodbye from germany :)22:00
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