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stekernolofk: it has been a couple of times01:22
stekernreally, or1200 should be fixed to be able to act accroding to the spec...01:22
blueCmdeglibc shuting down, look at that07:04
blueCmd2.19 last release and all work should go directly to glibc now07:05
stekernblueCmd: interesting10:22
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olofkblueCmd: Where did you hear that10:50
veprblsome openrisc erotica
olofkveprbl: Jesus christ. That's a lot of wires :)16:40
olofkverilator is weird17:04
veprblolofk: how is xilinx port?17:14
olofkveprbl: Not there yet17:14
veprblany particular problems?17:14
olofkLack of time :)17:14
veprblthis one is assumed to be neverending17:15
veprblif you push your branch maybe I can test it17:15
olofkSure. I'll let you know when I have something17:17
veprblhave you started?17:18
olofkYes, I got most of the stuff worked out, but I've done the work outside of orpsoc, so there isn't any code for it in orpsoc yet17:19
veprbloh i see. Good luck with that then!17:19
olofkok.. anyone good with perl here?17:23
olofkNever mind. It was verilator trying to be a little too clever for it's own good17:43
blueCmdolofk: they posted it with 2.19 release17:47
olofkblueCmd: Lack of manpower, or do they feel that glibc works well enough with small footprints now?17:48
blueCmdI actually found the reasoning behind a bit vauge17:48
olofkCan't even find a eglibc 2.19 release announcement. Or did you mean glibc?17:49
blueCmdolofk: sorry, release branch announcment17:49
blueCmdI have now set up the EGLIBC 2.19 branch.  This is the last EGLIBC17:50
blueCmdrelease branch; unless you are relying on changes in EGLIBC relative17:50
blueCmdto glibc that have not been merged to glibc, you are advised to use17:50
blueCmdglibc 2.19 branch instead of EGLIBC 2.19 branch.  If you are relying17:50
blueCmdon such changes, listed below, you should plan to contribute such17:50
blueCmdfeatures to glibc so you can cease using EGLIBC; EGLIBC trunk will no17:50
blueCmdlonger be maintained.  Occasional merges to EGLIBC release branches17:50
blueCmdwill continue while glibc 2.19 or older branches are still open.17:50
olofkehmmm... has anyone else made git hang during a push?20:08
olofkI can see at github that it has managed to push the commits, but now it just sits there20:09
olofkLast thing it said was Writing objects: 100% (13/13), 1.70 KiB | 0 bytes/s, done.20:09
olofkTotal 13 (delta 9), reused 0 (delta 0)20:09
olofk_franck_: I think I'm done with messing around in now. I would love to have your patch now so I can remove the ugly copy of or1k-elf-loader20:20
_franck_olofk: ok great, I'll do that when I have some more free time22:32
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