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blueCmdstekern: I _think_ I stole the idea of the atomic functions from somewhere04:07
blueCmdstekern: anyway, yes - glibc allows you to only specify an compxchg, and we could leave it at that - but IIRC the reasoning is that this is used quite heavily in threading and we could just as well do it in the kernel04:10
blueCmdstekern: now I remember. - look at those default implementatons04:17
blueCmdthey are spinning users of compxchg, which sucks04:18
blueCmdstekern: also, the atomic code is under the 'If you get rich, I want 20%'-license04:29
stekernblueCmd: you know I only do this to get chicks, but perhaps you can take 20% from that instead?14:32
olofkstekern: Have you tried Broken Age?14:35
stekernolofk: no, but I think I have to14:36
olofkYeah, you should. It was great, but short. They're working on the second act though and it should come later this year14:39
stekernperhaps loading it onto the tablet for the flight home is a good idea14:45
olofkGood idea. It's available for Android too, right?14:46
stekernaccording to the wikipedia page,yes14:47
olofkI must say that the flu couldn't had come at a better time for me :)14:47
mor1kx[mor1kx] veprbl opened pull request #10: pic: consistent acking for EDGE and LATCHED_LEVEL (master...pic_edge_fix)
olofkHas this IRQ clearing weirdness been up for discussion before?22:36
olofkI can agree that writing zero feels a bit more intiutive22:37
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