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maxpaln_franck_web_ & LoneTech: to let you know - I found the caue of the issue! Thanks for your time on Friday - it was to do with the memory blocks inferred by Synplify. Ethernet interface working now! :-)10:49
olofk_maxpaln: Good to hear10:52
olofk__franck_: I've thought a bit about having a next branch for orpsoc. I'm not really sure, but that's maybe because I'm not that good at git.10:54
olofk_My idea now is that the git master is unstable, and that I should do proper releases often enough to let people get the new features10:54
joniboby "unstable", do you mean you commit 'crap' to it?  that's the wrong approach...11:04
joniboif you mean "unstable" as in "not released yet", that's fine11:05
joniboyou don't really need releases if master is kept "working"... -next branch is good for giving people a chance to test master before it _really_ becomes master, but if nobody tests it then its pointless... that said, -next isn't for 'crap'/'work in progress' either, that's what topic branches are for11:06
jonibomy two cents worth11:06
olofk_jonibo: Sounds reasonable11:18
olofk_So given that there are very few users right now, commits to the master branch is somewhat tested and that most of the new stuff that comes in are new features, a next branch might not get much use11:20
olofk_No fancy new OpenRISC features in 3.13 according to kernelnewbies11:34
olofk_stekern: Is the VGA/LCD driver targeted for 3.14?11:34
olofk_jonibo: Is everything from your tree merged into upstream?11:37
_franck_maxpaln: great !11:40
maxpalnwith that conundrum solved I want to mount a file system on the SPI Flash so everything isn't erased with each boot.11:56
maxpalnin the kernel I've enabled UBI (under MTD support) and UBIFS (under the Miscellaneous File Systems config)11:57
maxpalnbut the kernel doesn't include any of the binaries for creating and managing a UBIFS11:57
maxpalnis this  expected/a known limitation of the openrisc kernel?11:57
joniboolofk_: no, my tree is the "mess" that works with the rest of the ecosystem... uClibc, et al.... some of that is never going upstream but is targeted to be removed from my tree when the rest of the ecosystem allows12:01
jonibothe for-upstream branch is the stuff that's targeted at upstream12:02
jonibo...and gets pulled into linux-next12:02
jonibomaxpain: userspace binaries for managing ubifs are part of mtd-utils project... they are not part of the kernel12:04
joniboI think you can get some of the functionality from busybox, too... but it's limited12:05
maxpalnok, well jffs2 might be an easier way to prove the concept then return to it later once higher priority things are working!12:06
maxpalnthanks though12:06
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stekernolofk_: yes, it's queued up for 3.1419:36
stekernand for the record, I've successfully used ubifs with busybox19:37
stekernand off the record, I'm in salzburg and have just enjoyed some very nice locally brewed weissbier ;)19:41
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