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stekernblueCmd_: verilator turns synthesizable verilog into a cycle accurate simulator03:24
stekernwhich is written in systemc/c++03:25
stekernthe benefit is that it's blazing fast compared to event-driven simulation like icarus03:26
stekernto give you a hint what blazing fast means, you get a clock frequency of about 0.5 MHz when you simulate the openrisc cpu implementations03:28
stekernwhich means, that you can boot linux inside it in about 10-15 minutes, instead of 24h+ that it would take in icarus03:29
pk__is there any place where i can download or1k-uclibc-linux toolchain?06:45
pk__prebuilt binaries?06:45
pk__all i could find was newlib based binaries06:45
stekernpk__: unfortunately, no06:57
pk__i was trying to compile but facing some problems07:02
pk__can i ask here07:02
pk__one things which is confusing me is which toolchain to build..i downloaded an fpga(digilent atlys image) and linux is booting okay  which toolchain i need or32 or or1k?07:05
stekernor32 is older, but perhaps more stable, or1k is newer and has features that are missing in or3207:17
stekernlike support for dynamic linking etc07:18
pk__ohh i see so for me both will produce good binaries07:18
pk__ok i compiled binutils successfully..problem was bison and flex were not should be specified in the wiki that these packages should be installed  libgmp-dev,libgmp2,libmpc-dev,libmpc,libmpfr,bison,flex etc07:36
pk__and --depth 1 parameter should be used in all git clone commands if users has to build and use only..there is no sense of downloading the large history of the repository07:37
pk__without --depth 1 linux header repo takes forever to clone on slow internet ;)07:38
stekerngood point, feel free to add that to the instructions08:04
pk__stekern: i compiled the whole toolchain successfully( i hope)  and then wrote simple program int main(){int i;0++} compiled it using or1k-linux-uclibc-gcc test.c  it produced a.out then i moved this a.out to the actual device but it does not run08:28
pk__is my compiling procedure correct?08:28
_franck_did you try to compile with --static ?08:39
pk___franck_: or1k-linux-uclibc-gcc --static test.c ? like that?08:51
pk__lemme try08:52
pk__yes now it run08:53
pk___franck_: why so?08:53
_franck_because you need to have gcc libraries in your filesystem /lib08:54
pk__so i should do ldd a.out and then copy all the libs also right?08:55
_franck_right :)08:55
pk__all right thanks08:55
blueCmdstekern: that is very very cool!09:19
sova88Hello I am new on this channel11:38
sova88I would like to know, how can I extend linux port for DE0_NANO11:39
sova88I need two ethernet interfaces11:39
sova88can anyone help me?11:39
sova88juliusb_: Hi julius, I am looking for help with connecting one more ethernet interface in openrisc simulator11:49
sova88juliusb_:Can you help me?11:50
stekernnot if you quit before anyone have time to answer...11:55
blueCmdstekern: hah, my thoughts exactly12:25
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