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blueCmdlibc6_2.18-1_or1k.deb libc-bin_2.18-1_or1k.deb woo07:58
blueCmdman, that was tricky07:59
olofk_blueCmd: libc6_2.18-1_or1k.deb and libc-bin_2.18-1_or1k.deb, are those glibc packages for or1k?08:53
blueCmdolofk_: yes09:29
olofk_Cool stuff. Does that mean that glibc works (by some arbitrary definition of works) now?09:29
blueCmdwell, I haven't tried the debs yet, but glibc worked last year when I stopped working on it. it crashed randomly due to a kernel bug though09:30
joniboblueCmd: which kernel bug?09:30
blueCmdI have compiled and executed openssh and apache with just minor quirks09:31
blueCmdjonibo: signal bug which squashes registers09:31
blueCmdjonibo: you have the patch in your next-master branch with a note 'needs testing'09:31
jonibodoesn't ring a bell...09:31
jonibosigcontext restore?09:31
blueCmdyeah, I think so09:32
jonibook... yeah... tested?09:32
blueCmdwell, it's reported that it breaks strace and I haven't gotten around to test that yet09:32
jonibooh right... now I remember09:32
joniboright, I fxied the strace problem09:33
joniboi'm not sure that patch is on my master branch yet, though...09:33
blueCmdcool. but yes, that bug was annoying - happy the patch was there though09:33
joniboyou tested the sigcontext issue and the fix for the strace problem was obvious so I think that patch is fine then09:34
joniboi'll make sure to get that upstream shortly09:34
blueCmdjonibo: I'll take time next week to do a good writeup on the TLS and atomic patch as well09:35
blueCmdHaven't gotten around to it09:35
blueCmdI have a co-worker that has been teaching me how to 'Write commit logs the way Linus wants it'09:35
blueCmdanyway, gotta run.09:36
_franck_web_olofk: what do you think of Jose's patch ? Should me to comment it or do you want to take a look at my pactch first ?16:24
_franck_web_olofk: I don't want him to work on his patch and then says "now, you changed everything again to rebase your work against this new thing"16:25
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olofk_franck_: I need to see what patches are lined up. I'm starting to get a bit confused now :)20:34
olofk_franck_: ok, I see your verilator branch now. Need to decide which one I should pull in first20:52
olofkYour other branches have been merged now20:52
olofkWhat are the odds that two people have big patches for the same file in this small project? :)20:54
olofk_franck_: I will have to come back to this tomorrow, but I'm leaning on integrating Jose's patch first if he fixes the things that I commented on.21:57
olofkI'll review your stuff properly tomorrow21:57
_franck_ok, no problem21:57
olofkI'm starting to feel the need for better dependency handling, versioning and smarter cache mananagement now. Stupid $dayjob steals all my time from hacking on that stuff :(21:59
_franck_olofk: did you know you can add comment inline in the patch in github ?22:04
blueCmda libffi port would be sweet22:28
stekernblueCmd: don't we have that?22:29
blueCmdstekern: it's not upstream anyway22:29
stekernbut it's perhaps not complete22:30
_franck_olofk: do you have the openocd interface configuration for ORSoC USB-JTAG ? If yes, please post it on the opencores forum22:31
blueCmdstekern: looks incomplete, but what do I know22:31
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